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Churches That Help With Rent And Housing

Last updated: November 23, 2023

Getting evicted is a very painful experience. Unfortunately, most Americans struggle to pay their monthly costs, particularly raising a family. If this happens to you due to financial instability, many resources are available to help you; some churches in your area may have rescued many families by assisting them in paying rent and utilities. 

You may want assistance from a local church to pay your electric bills, or you may only require food assistance. Perhaps you require assistance with school supplies for your children. Whatever your needs are, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to obtain help through a church or a mix of church programs. 

Thousands of churches in your area that help with rent are willing to help when given the opportunity. They not only help low-income families in the parish, but they also try to help strangers. 

What To Know About Rent In The U.S. In 2023

Job losses and benefit delays have increased the number of homeless Americans, straining shelters. The US housing agency reported to Congress that 580,466 Americans were homeless in 2020, a 2.2% jump from 2019. Many Americans are nervous about renewing their leases due to the rising cost of rent. 

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    Demand is rising as more individuals opt to live independently, yet a competitive housing market excludes the jobless. Rent freeze and other protocols that helped keep rent low early in the pandemic are already expiring. Fortunately, financial assistance is available with churches that help with rent. The following people might find help at the church:

    Financial assistance from churches that help with rent can ease the difficulty that comes with the housing trends listed below.

    Rent Prices Will Continue To Go Up

    Rental rates are continuing to grow at the quickest rate in decades, making housing more expensive than it has ever been for many people in the U.S. Across the country, rent prices reached an all-time high last year. 

    The rapid pace of increase continued to be heightened in the first months of 2023, as several parts of the country saw double-digit hikes in rent costs while a huge mismatch in supply and demand makes paying rent practically impossible for low-income families.

    Higher Demand For Rentals 

    The demand for rental properties has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. As the pandemic continues, more and more individuals are yearning for their own space.

    Young adults who went home to their parents at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak are now relocating on their own terms. Moreover, people who used to live with roommates now want to live alone, and couples who have separated or divorced now require separate living quarters for each person.

    Renters Will Keep Looking For Larger Units

    As the pandemic led to the work-from-home heyday, renters began to look for bigger places that could function both as a home and as an office. The demand for bigger rental units with more space hasn't gone away even though some renters are already moving back into their offices. 

    Cities in the U.S. are building bigger apartments, and data shows that rent for larger units has risen the most in the last couple of years. As the economy continues to improve, some individuals look into living in bigger homes with roommates to pay rent with less burden.

    Declining Housing Supply And Rising Rents Could Hamper Recovery

    Almost half of the renters across the country had missed at least one rent payment since the pandemic began, and the trend hasn't changed since. As emergency rental assistance programs don't work as well as they were supposed to, landlords may be able to evict renters who can't pay their rent or can't pay back the rent they missed. 

    They could be evicted or their landlords decide to sell their homes. This means that renters who are already struggling with money could face an even more competitive rental market with rates that continue to rise.

    Real Estate Investors Will Be Leading Benefactors Of Rental Rise

    Even though rental rates are increasing and the rental market is becoming more competitive, property investors are likely to earn a return on their existing investments by 2023. 

    When rising property prices are combined with increasing rental rates, real estate investors find themselves in a favorable situation. This may motivate some investors to include new properties in their portfolios even as mortgage rates increase. This, however, provides no benefit for less fortunate families.

    How Can Churches Help With Rent Assistance and Other Utilities?

    How Can Churches Help With Rent Assistance and Other Utilities?

    The Church is the closest and most reliable sanctuary for people who can't afford to pay their rent, as the government gives most churches funds so that the congregation can provide shelter, meals, clothes, and money for disadvantaged individuals as well as poor and needy families.

    Churches that help with rent can make a big difference for people who are struggling and need a place to live. Many local and national churches and faith-based groups serve low-income families, the elderly, the disabled, and children in the community by providing the following services:

    Immigrant Assistance

    Current stories continue to highlight the terrible circumstances of many people in other nations, as well as the necessity to reach out to individuals who have sought security in the United States. Many Christians and churches are working to find opportunities to reach out to immigrants and refugees on a local, national, and global scale.

    Churches typically greet refugees at the airport, provide welcome packages for their homes, and set up basic English-based religious education programs. They also distribute materials to assist the community in discussing and teaching immigration concerns in the church in order to foster a safe, harmonious, and helpful environment for everybody.

    Parenting Education

    Most churches believe that the family is the first community and the most fundamental way that people are formed to act in the world. One of the effects of the 2020 pandemic's imprint on living in the United States was a rediscovery of the family and the home's centrality and relevance in our culture. Education, employment, and religious practice all returned fairly immediately.

    As a result, many churches began to provide assistance to parents who require assistance in caring for their children and families. This includes both online and in-person parenting classes, events and activities for parent-child interaction, and numerous opportunities for parent involvement in the community.

    Utility Bills

    In the past years, around 40% of American households are struggling to pay for basic necessities such as rent or food. With this in mind, it's no surprise that many individuals and households are looking for churches that help with bills, particularly low-income families in need of emergency utility assistance.

    For decades, churches have assisted individuals and less fortunate families with many types of payment obligations. If you have no one else to turn to, it's a good idea to contact some local churches that offer utility assistance. There's a huge number of churches that help so there's no need to worry about finding one.

    Food Pantries

    Churches with food pantries will typically accept anyone who needs assistance with feeding their family, regardless of whether or not these people are part of the congregation. Since some food pantries operate on a first-come, first-served basis, knowing the distribution schedule's days and hours could be helpful.

    Many food pantries have eligibility requirements. Some food pantries may require families to complete income verification forms, which include information such as household size, monthly net or gross income, and proof of address.

    Family Counseling

    Counselors at some institutes provide support and instruction to church leaders and parishioners through a variety of conferences and workshops on family-related themes. These often include a repository of resources for religious institutions to use in caring for their congregation's members.

    Some counseling offices even offer play therapy to families with children, allowing participants to express themselves in their own way. While the counselor assists children in coping with challenging emotions and circumstances, these programs can also help establish a safe family environment that fosters growth and healing.

    Electricity Bills

    Some churches can also give a reasonable amount of money for utility bills to families that are in a deep financial crisis, such as those who are unable to pay even for their electricity bills. However, the amount is usually not particularly large because most churches do not have a lot of funding.

    Nonetheless, many churches and faith-based organizations are happy to extend charity to those in need so it’s not difficult to reach out and ask for this kind of aid.

    Rent Assistance

    Several churches are well-known for providing short-term rental assistance services to people in need. Most churches provide financial support by accepting generous donations from members of their congregations or communities, as well as grants from enterprises or others in the community looking to make a difference.

    Whether you’re suffering from a potential house eviction or an unexpected job loss, a church is a good place to turn to for aid. Note that different churches have different requirements for applying for rental aid, but in general, they will assist most individuals who have exhausted all other options, especially in places like Atlanta and Indiana where rental aid is abundant.

    Affordable Medical Care

    Catholic churches are the world's largest non-government supplier of health care services, owing to their theological obligation to heal the sick. In the U.S., many Catholic churches provide medical care in ways as simple as donating money directly to families in need, frequently accompanied by handwritten prayers or notes of encouragement. 

    These churches cannot guarantee that members' medical expenses and medication bills will be reimbursed because they are not insurance companies, but they do what they can to help.

    Churches To Contact For Low-Income Families

    Churches To Contact For Low-Income Families for Rent and Housing Assistance

    If you need immediate assistance with paying your bills or if you have an emergency, call any of these churches in your area.

    Love Inc.

    Love Inc. is a faith-based organization that mobilizes churches, affiliates, and other groups to address the pressing needs of the less fortunate. Their call center receives calls from families and individuals seeking assistance with food, rent, utilities, clothing, and house maintenance, among other things. 

    A food pantry and a thrift store are also part of this group. Love Inc. works in collaboration with many churches in different areas, and also aims to assist the working poor with social assistance. If you or your family are in serious need, call Love Inc. through their helpline at (541) 757-8111. Over the phone, a volunteer from their call center will assist you in filling out their initial Intake Form. 

    Once your request has been accepted, they will put together a custom plan for you, which may include assistance from local churches and agencies. There are no precise conditions that would disqualify you from receiving Love Inc. services.

    The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints provides a significant amount of gifts and financial assistance to those in need. The church allows access to their “Bishop Storehouses” at several locations. Food is given to needy families at no cost in these store-like places.

    You may need to meet with a local authority before receiving food, but the LDS church has stated many times that it will not turn anyone away who is in need. In addition, the LDS church maintains temporary administrations (to assist the poor) and various local assemblies that provide financial assistance to people in need of assistance with rent or other expenditures.

    Episcopal Church

    The Episcopal Church is a global organization with hundreds of parishes throughout the United States. They help low-income families with financial emergencies. They also provide other services, such as utility assistance, rent aid, medical assistance, clothing closets, work-related gas vouchers, certain location-based homeless shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. 

    People who have been evicted or are homeless understandably require immediate rent assistance. Fortunately, they have a number of parishes and churches in your area that can help with rent and are ready to assist those who require other financial support. Additional services include utility payments, rent assistance, clothes closets, and gas vouchers.

    More importantly, this church operates emergency house shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens for those relocated due to evictions, cyclones, or other natural disasters. You can look up your local office on their official website or ask a local for assistance. You can also send them an email or report your problem on their website. 

    Lutheran Social Services

    Lutheran Social Services assists persons who need immediate rent assistance. It is a non-profit charitable organization created to help those harmed for various reasons. This group primarily collaborates with the government and other organizations to ensure that those in need receive emergency support such as food, bill assistance, and temporary lodging.

    They also collaborate with the government and other for-profit and non-profit organizations to handle food, shelter, and bill assistance. By visiting their official website, you can learn more about how this group works to assist you as a renter in need.

    Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army, which has provided social services since 1865, is one such group that can provide financial assistance. The initiative has extended worldwide, with charity being provided in more than 130 nations. The group may assist you financially and pay your utility bills during difficult circumstances. 

    The Salvation Army is dedicated to assisting the vulnerable at all times. You may be eligible for various types of assistance, such as furniture, rent, utility, clothing, and other home necessities. They even provide a wide range of social services to immigrants, seniors, and disabled people.

    St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

    St. Vincent De Paul is a catholic church that assists those in need. Its mission is to provide high-quality social services and financial aid to poor and low-income families. They provide emergency rent help to families facing financial hardship due to illness, family troubles, or other factors. 

    It assists with various items, including food, medication, clothing, fuel, utilities, rent, and even transportation costs. They exclusively help people who are going through financial hardship. 

    United Methodist Church

    Another faith-based community that helps the needy is the United Methodist Church. This church provides emergency housing, drug aid, food assistance, and bill assistance. They assist people all across the world. It is said to be the largest organization that helps people with their day-to-day challenges on a short-term basis.

    The United Methodist Church has a global network to reach out to the masses and empower the underprivileged. Temporary housing, drug and alcohol counseling, rent aid, food, and bill assistance are just a few of the services they provide.

    Catholic Charities

    Catholic Charities is a well-known charity that helps people throughout the country. It has over 30,000 offices worldwide, and studies show that over 15 million people use its services each year. Catholic Charities is a place where those in need can seek support in various ways. 

    They provide a variety of financial assistance programs for those in need. These programs include rent assistance, bill assistance, food assistance, and financial assistance to those in need.

    How To Find Churches Providing Rental Assistance

    When looking for churches that help with rent, it's critical to do your research in order to acquire the right kind of help. Follow some of the tips below to get proper assistance during this difficult period.

    Make Sure That You Really Need Rent Assistance

    When you try to get rent assistance from the church, make sure that it will be for one time only because they are more concerned with disaster relief and helping as many people as possible. 

    Many people are quick to ask for help, especially in a bad economy. Although job loss is a pressing problem, bad financial management could also be the reason for such a necessity. Before giving out money, a church will often ask for details, especially because they also need to care for the elderly, the sick, and the vulnerable.

    Review All Of Your Expenses And Prioritize

    Although rent assistance can take a huge load off your financial burden, churches can help in other ways and provide aid in multiple aspects of the lives of those in need. Perhaps you need medical care more than rent assistance or your utility bills may be hindering your ability to pay for rental fees. 

    Before asking for help, find out what it is that you need the most assistance with so that you can plan your finances out better.

    Look At Other Areas In Your Life That Need Improvement

    With the rising number of mental health and domestic abuse issues during the pandemic, it may be helpful to take a step back and find out if there are non-economic problems that may be contributing to the trouble with paying for rent. 

    Churches provide services such as family counseling and parenting education to help families maintain a healthy and harmonious environment that empowers every individual to work better and become more productive.

    Give Back To The Community

    While churches are committed to helping out those in need, it's also good to keep the environment pleasant so that everyone's always eager to help. You may offer services to the church and community in exchange for assistance. 

    Keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that you will get the exact kind of aid that you want. Nevertheless, it's a good way to build trust with the community and have a mutually beneficial relationship with its members.

    Ask Around

    Because churches are known to help as much as they can, you may want to ask around and see how other people received rent assistance from the church. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of what kind of assistance you will receive, how much financial support you can get, and how to best connect with the church or acquire the necessary paperwork. 

    Asking around can also help you build your network and possibly get help from other resources, in various emergency situations.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Church Rent Assistance

    If it’s your first time looking for aid from churches that help with rent, the experience can be overwhelming. Here are some quick answers to questions you might have.

    What kind of documents should I provide for application?

    Churches that help with rent have different sets of requirements. However, they typically only need documents that serve as proof that you really need financial assistance and have exhausted all other options.

    Do I need to be part of the congregation to get assistance?

    While some churches prioritize members of the congregation, they will most likely extend help to anyone who’s in need of their assistance and help.

    Can I get assistance more than once?

    Since churches are focused on helping many people out, it’s unlikely that you can get rent assistance more than once. However, it ultimately depends on the gravity of your situation.

    Am I required to give something in return?

    Not at all. Churches are known to help without expecting or requiring anything from the people they help but it’s always nice to show gratitude and appreciation.

    What other rent assistance options are available?

    If you’re hesitant about asking for assistance from churches, there are other options out there such as national charities and non-profit organizations that aim to provide support for low-income families. 

    The mission of this organization is to ensure that everyone has the right to live a life of dignity and respect. To apply, go to your local church and tell them about your situation. 

    Applicants who present a recent power bill, current and identifiable income proof, and valid identification may be eligible for emergency help. These services are available to people of all faiths, races, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

    To learn more about other grants and forms of assistance for low-income families, visit the rest of Gov-Relations to explore our numerous resources!

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