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Does The VA Cover Dental Services?

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Many veterans across the U.S. inquire, “Does the VA cover dental?” This is helpful to know since dental coverage and grants for dental care are crucial necessities to veterans. VA offers comprehensive dental coverage to certain qualifying veterans. In fact, in 2022, over 600,000 veterans were treated for dental problems.

This blog will explore the dental coverage provided by the VA for veterans, their eligibility, and how they can apply for these benefits.

Veterans Dental Benefits

Veterans Dental Benefits

Qualifying veterans can receive dental coverage from the VA, which may cover all or part of their dental care costs. To better understand the VA benefits you are eligible for, check your eligibility according to your class and what dental services are covered. 

Does The VA Cover Dental Care?

For many veterans, VA can cover their dental expenses. Veterans who have retired from the military can take advantage of VA dental benefits. Using the VA's online application, you can determine if you qualify for benefits.

What Dental Procedures Does The VA Cover?

The following VA dental services are available to you if you are eligible:

  • Scheduled cleanings and x-rays
  • Dental restorations, such as bridges, fillings, and crowns 
  • Well-fitting, comfortable dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgeries, like tooth extractions
  • Surgery for reconstructing the face and mouth after serious illness or trauma

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the eligibility requirements that must be met:

  1. Must have a 100% service-connected rating
  2. Must have at least a 10% service-connected VA rating for dental conditions
  3. Have been a war prisoner in the past
  4. A dental care request was made in the first 180 days following discharge from the military
  5. Must have a 0% service-related dental condition related to combat
  6. With dental condition aggravates your service-related condition
  7. With a dental condition that prevents you from rehabilitating or working in the Veterans Readiness and Employment program (VR&E)
  8. You receive VA medical care and require dental care due to a dental condition that complicates another condition that the VA is treating
  9. Must be registered in the VA's homeless veteran program

Inpatient Dental Program

As part of the VA's dental services, veterans receiving hospital, nursing home, or home care will receive services deemed necessary to manage their medical condition under active treatment by a VA dentist in consultation with the referring physician.

Outpatient Dental Program

VA outpatient dental benefits are classified according to classes, differing from most other VA medical benefits. Any dental care required to maintain or restore oral health and masticatory function, including repeat care, is covered under the VA's dental plan for Class I, IIA, IIC, or IV. Other classes are limited in terms of time and/or service.

Frequently Asked Questions

To better avail your VA dental benefits, it’s important to learn all the important facts about dental care benefits for veterans. We have answered some of the more pertinent questions regarding VA dental care benefits to provide you with more information.

How do I apply for VA dental care benefits?

Apply for health care online by completing a 10-10EZ form.

What if I don’t qualify for dental care at the VA?

Several options are available to you if you are not eligible for VA dental benefits. If you have dependents, they may be eligible for CHAMPVA. As an alternative, you may be able to qualify for VA dental coverage.

If I can’t get VA dental care benefits, can I get help buying dental insurance?

A low-cost dental insurance policy may be available with the VA Dental Insurance Program, provided that you meet one or more of the following requirements:

Enrolled in VA health care, applied for VA, registered for Civilian Health and Medical Program, eligible for CHAMPVA, familiarized with VADIP

Get VA Coverage For Dental Services

So, does the VA cover dental services? According to the law, the VA does provide dental benefits. Depending on the situation, VA can provide extensive dental care, or it may be limited to a limited range of dental treatments. If you want to learn more about implant pricing, check out VA dental implant cost.

Military veterans risk their lives for their country, often resulting in disability, after which assistance programs may be necessary for them to live comfortably. 

You can learn more about disabled veteran housing assistance programs and how they may apply for these programs in our Gov-Relations resource.

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