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Here’s What You Need to Do Following a Car Accident

Last updated: November 2, 2023

Car accidents are unpredictable. Whether a minor accident or a severe collision, the entire scenario is incredibly mind-numbing. When you are involved in an accident, there are particular steps you may want to undertake to ensure everyone is safe, that you are following the law, and commence the compensation journey. Here are crucial decisions you need to make following a car accident:

Pull Your Car Over to a Safe, Well-Lit Place

Not pulling your car over to a safe place where others can see you and the other driver can lead to additional hazards. Avoid tension and apply emergency flashers to signal oncoming vehicles. If it isn’t possible to move your car, ensure you and the passengers involved have moved to a safer place.

Check Yourself for Injuries

After moving to a safe distance away from the collision, determine whether you or anyone in your vehicle have suffered injuries. Contact fire and rescue or an ambulance if you are injured.

Call the Police

It is vital to report the accident. In most cases, law enforcement tends to attend to car accidents. However, if the police don’t show up at the accident scene, they must reach out. The primary role of the police is to identify who caused the accident, talk to witnesses, and gather evidence.

Note the officer’s details, including their name and badge number. Ensure you collect a copy of the accident report from the police.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents can be distressing to the victims. If the accident is severe, victims can suffer major bruises, traumatic brain injuries, and broken bones. Such injuries are costly since a lot of money goes to medical and rehabilitative treatments. That’s why it is crucial to get help from a car accident lawyer.

Car accident lawyers play a fundamental role in the event of an accident. The lawyer can collect details from the accident, offer you legitimate advice, discuss with insurance firms and guide you on how to get compensation for the damages.

The lawyer will assist you in acquiring financial compensation to cover various expenses, including medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, lost wages, and permanent disability, among other damages.

Document the Accident

Gather vital information which you’ll use when pursuing an insurance claim. Take pictures of the accident scene. Go ahead and record videos and voice memo features. Note the driver’s details, including the name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number. Also, note down the other vehicle information, such as year, make and model, color, license plate number, and vehicle identification number.

Begin an Auto Insurance Claim

You may be tempted to ignore making an insurance claim and instead negotiate a cash deal. However, you may be held responsible for all the liabilities from the accident if you miss this critical step.

Your lawyer can assist you with how to go about the insurance claims. In some cases, the other driver’s insurance may not be enough to cover your damages. Your attorney can examine your policy for coverage that might address the situation.

Accidents are traumatizing, but it is vital to avoid unnecessary pressure as you undergo the entire process. Remaining calm enhances efficacy when sorting out any issues.

Imelda Bouchard
Imelda Bouchard is the owner of Gov Relations. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Finance​ at the University of Houston-Downtown. Imelda has over a decade of experience working in the finance industry. Following her stint at an international fintech company, she has decided to create a platform where businesses can make use of great business ideas.
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