Our Team

Imelda Bouchard

Owner, Gov-Relations.com

Imelda worked for a decade in finance, in an international Fintech company where she experienced all the best technology and advancement can offer finance companies. This inspired her to create a platform where she may help others who can make good use of sound business ideas that may help businesses flourish.

Dulcie Akers


Dulcie has worked seven years at a Fortune 500 company before accepting her present post in the company. She now spearheads the team alongside Imelda to find the best content for business, retail, and services.

Dane Groves

Senior Writer

Dane is our Senior Writer and has been with the team for five years now. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree major in English and has helped us hone new writers into creating valuable content for our readers.

Rhett Pope


Since graduating from college on the top of her class, Rhett has been with the team and has been keeping the whole team updated with the latest business trends and industrial services.

Reginald Simon

Social Media Manager

Reginald and his team helos Gov-Relations with our online presence. He also helps us market our brand to clients worldwide.