Have you had your property damaged by someone else’s wrongful actions in Washington? If so, it is important to understand the Washington statute of limitations that applies to potential lawsuits. Whether you are considering a lawsuit for real estate (your house or land) or personal property damage will impact how soon after the incident, legal action should be taken and what type of recovery can be expected if successful.

The statute of limitations in Washington is a state law that affects your right to file a lawsuit over any harm or legal dispute suffered by applying a limit on how much time can pass before filing the case. Well, every state has passed these laws, and time limits differ depending on what type of litigation it pertains to. Read further for details about property damage statutes in Washington 

The Filing Deadline in Washington

In Washington, the filing deadline applies to a property damage lawsuit is same, whether for repairs or replacing damaged or destroyed real estate.

When it comes to damage caused by another party, homeowners can only rely on the law so long as they have not waited too many years. If someone wants to bring a lawsuit for physical damages that man or woman’s negligence has done – such as when negligent action of one person causes exterior damage to their house- there is no limit on time in which this must be brought before the courts; if they want justice and compensation for what was stolen from them (one might say “stolen”), then three years are all we offer you here in Washington State.

Missing the Filing Deadline in Washington

Suppose the three-year filing deadline set by the Washington statute of limitations has been passed, but you try to file your property damage lawsuit anyway. In that case, the defendant (the person you’re trying to sue) will almost certainly make a motion asking for dismissal. And unless an exemption is applied in rare cases like this one, and if it does not apply here too, then the court will grant with or without hesitation. So even though there is no need for hurry as the case may settle out soon enough, still leave time on hand just in case things do turn sour eventually.

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