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Puerto Rico's Remarkable Climb: Claim Amount Peaks At $575,207 In July 2023 Under ACP

Written by: John Crawford
Last updated: January 30, 2024

Starting Point: In January 2022, the total claim amount was $351,475.


Early 2022 Trends: February 2022 witnessed a rise in total claims to $369,725.


Crossing Thresholds: April 2022 marked the first instance of claims surpassing the $400,000 mark.


Mid-Year Increases: May and June of 2022 saw continued growth, with claims reaching $417,761 and $439,996 respectively.


Significant Jumps: A notable leap in claim amounts was observed in September 2022, hitting $484,448.


Record-High Month-To-Month Increase: October 2022 experienced the largest increase, rising to $512,333.


Maintaining High Levels: The end of 2022 and the start of 2023 consistently remained above the $500,000 mark.


The Peak: July 2023 recorded the highest claim amount at $575,207.


A Slight Dip: A minor decrease in claims was noted in August 2023, with $557,512.

Importance Of Puerto Rico’s Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a crucial initiative that addresses the critical issue of broadband affordability in Puerto Rico. By providing eligible households with a monthly subsidy of up to $30 (or $75 for those on Tribal lands), the ACP empowers residents to access reliable and affordable high-speed internet services. This enhanced connectivity fosters a range of benefits that significantly impact individuals, families, and communities across Puerto Rico.

Fast Facts

Puerto Rico’s ACP claim amounts rose in claim amounts, from $351,475 in January 2022 to $557,512 in August 2023.

Comparison Between All Months And August 2023

The journey of claim amounts from January 2022 to August 2023 paints a vivid picture of the evolving dynamics in Puerto Rico's ACP landscape:

  • Overall Upward Trajectory: The general trend from January 2022 to August 2023 showcases a consistent rise in claim amounts.
  • Peaks And Troughs: While the peak was observed in July 2023 with $575,207, the period also witnessed minor fluctuations.
  • Decline In August 2023: Compared to the peak in July 2023, August 2023 saw a reduction in claim amounts, signaling a potential shift in the pattern of claims.
Puerto Rico ACP Claims - Total Subscriber Jan 2022 - Aug 2023

The Initial Surge: January To April 2022

The beginning of 2022 marked a significant phase in Puerto Rico's ACP, with claim amounts indicating an upward trajectory, highlighting the growing need and reliance on digital connectivity in the region.

  • January 2022 - The Starting Line: The year commenced with a total claim amount of $351,475, setting the baseline for the forthcoming trends.
  • February 2022 - Gaining Momentum: A moderate yet notable increase to $369,725 in February 2022 suggested an early sign of the growing demand for connectivity assistance.
  • March 2022 - Steady Growth: Continuing the upward trend, March saw a further rise in claim amounts, reflecting the consistent need for ACP in the territory.
  • April 2022 - Breaking Barriers: April was a milestone month with claim amounts crossing the $400,000 threshold for the first time, indicating a significant leap in the ACP's impact.

Mid-Year Dynamics: May To July 2022

As 2022 progressed, the middle months showcased a significant uptick in ACP claims, reflecting various socio-economic factors influencing digital connectivity needs.

  • May 2022 - Continued Ascend: The claim amount in May 2022 reached $417,761, further confirming the increasing reliance on digital resources facilitated by the ACP.
  • June 2022 - Consistent Rise: June's figures stood at $439,996, maintaining the upward trend and highlighting the ongoing necessity for enhanced digital access.
  • July 2022 - Sustaining Growth: In July, the claim amount increased modestly, indicating a sustained demand for connectivity support across Puerto Rico.

The Notable Leap: August To December 2022

The latter half of 2022 was marked by significant jumps in claim amounts, emphasizing the crucial role of the ACP in supporting digital inclusion in Puerto Rico.

  • August 2022 - Crossing New Heights: Claim amounts in August 2022 exhibited a robust increase, surpassing previous months and reflecting a heightened need for digital connectivity.
  • September 2022 - A Sharp Increase: A substantial jump to $484,448 in September 2022 highlighted a pivotal moment in the ACP's journey, underscoring the growing importance of the program.
  • October 2022 - Record-High Increase: The most substantial month-to-month increase occurred in October, with the total claim amount soaring to $512,333, a clear indicator of the escalating demand for digital resources.

Sustaining High Levels: November 2022 To April 2023

This period is marked by the ACP claims consistently exceeding the half-million mark, reflecting the persistent need for digital connectivity support in Puerto Rico.

  • November And December 2022 - Stability Above $500,000: The closing months of 2022 saw the claim amounts stabilizing above $500,000, indicating a consistent demand for ACP benefits.
  • The Start Of 2023 - Maintaining the Momentum: The beginning of 2023 continued this trend, with January and February's claim amounts highlighting the ongoing necessity of the ACP in bridging digital divides.
  • March 2023 - A Slight Shift: Although a minor decrease was observed in March 2023, the claim amounts remained significantly high, showcasing the enduring relevance of the ACP.

The Peak And Slight Dip: May To August 2023

The period from May to August 2023 stands out in Puerto Rico's ACP history, witnessing the highest claim amount followed by a minor dip.

  • May And June 2023 - Uphill Movement: The claim amounts in May and June 2023 continued to rise, indicating an unceasing dependency on digital connectivity aids.
  • July 2023 - The Peak Of Claims: July 2023 marked the zenith of the ACP claims in Puerto Rico, with the amount reaching an unprecedented $575,207, symbolizing the peak of digital connectivity needs.
  • August 2023 - A Minor Decline: In contrast, August 2023 saw a slight decline in claim amounts to $557,512, suggesting a potential shift in the ACP's landscape.

Puerto Rico's Ascending Connectivity Journey

The journey of the Affordable Connectivity Program in Puerto Rico from January 2022 to August 2023 is a testament to the evolving digital landscape and the critical role of connectivity in modern society. The data clearly indicates a growing reliance on digital resources, with the peak in July 2023 at $575,207 being particularly noteworthy. This trend underscores the importance of continued support and adaptation of programs like ACP to meet the dynamic needs of communities. As technology continues to shape our world, initiatives like the ACP are vital in ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital divide. The slight dip in August 2023 opens up discussions for future strategies and adaptations in the program, aiming for an inclusive and connected Puerto Rico.

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