Salvation Army Christmas Assistance Programs

    Many families and individuals are not lucky enough to enjoy Christmas every year. Good thing, the Salvation Army’s Christmas assistance initiatives for low-income families benefit those who are poor, hungry, or homeless. This organization’s generosity makes a difference in the lives of countless families. Hundreds of thousands of children across the United States will wake up on Christmas morning with a gift under the tree because of its efforts.

    Salvation Army Angel Tree Program

    The true impact of the pandemic is tough to measure. American families have lost money, jobs, and houses due to the economic downturn. Some people who started with very little now have even less and strive harder to make it the next day. These families struggle to meet day-to-day financial obligations and are unsure how to give gifts to their children on Christmas Day.

    How Does It Work?

    Through the generosity of contributors, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program distributes new clothing or gifts to children from low-income families. Angel Trees, which can be found in local businesses and corporations, are decorated with numbered paper angel tags bearing the first name, age, and gender of a kid in need of gifts. Contributors take one or more tags from the tree and buy gifts for the children listed on the tags.

    Every year, the Salvation Army Angel Tree program helps hundreds of thousands of children around the country by sending them Christmas gifts. Once a kid has been approved as an Angel, their Christmas wish list is shared with community benefactors, who purchase new clothing and toys for them. The gifts are given to each family member to put under their Christmas tree.

    Where Does Angel Tree Operate?

    Although the Salvation Army has an Angel Tree program in many cities across the United States and Canada, it may or may not be available in your community. Furthermore, not every Salvation Army station with an Angel Tree program collects applications through its website. Fill in the blanks with your zip code. If you receive a notice stating that this site does not currently serve your area, contact your local Salvation Army to see any other options for you to apply.

    Application Process

    You will be requested to produce copies of documentation as part of the application process. Additionally, you can scan documents and take images. If you want to snap pictures, go to this website and start your application with your camera-enabled mobile device.

    Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family Program

    Like the Angel Tree program, the Salvation Army developed the Adopt-A-Family program to help low-income families around the holidays and other times of need. Every year, the Salvation Army gets many requests for help through the Adopt-A-Family program. 

    This program helps families experiencing serious financial challenges to the point that they cannot provide a Christmas supper, new toys, or warm clothing for their children. Some are low-income single-parent families, while others are large families with parents who have been laid off, have large medical bills, are unable to pay their rent, or are facing other significant financial problems.

    How Can You Help?

    Adopting a family via the Salvation Army is a tremendously satisfying and heartwarming way to support some of our community’s most vulnerable families. Its mission is to work with corporations, organizations, and individuals to adopt families with extreme and special needs over the holiday season. Participating in the Adopt-A-Family program allows you to assist a full family with their needs. Moreover, you can adopt a small family, more than one family, or a huge family. The Salvation Army will supply each child’s age, size, and wish list. This is a great Christmas project that you can undertake with any budget.

    How the Program Works

    Sponsors of Adopt-A-Family must fill out a form stating the size of the family they wish to adopt. Donors will then receive a brief overview of the family’s present circumstances, as well as a list of all household members, clothing sizes for all of the children, and a modest wish list for each child. Donors are not required to buy everything on the list. Clothing per child, one toy per child, and a grocery gift card for the family are the minimum donations you can give for the program.

    Do you want to learn more about different grants and charities that can assist you? Visit our website to learn more about Gov Relations’ resources!


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