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Scholarship Programs For Male Nurses

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Most scholarship recipients are academic, athletic, and other high achievers. College money is awarded to certain students with high academic achievement and additional character traits. Those seeking financial aid should use all available resources, including those targeting race, gender, location, vocation, cultural ancestry, and other factors.

Nursing is traditionally a profession filled with female employees, but as the profession continues to expand, gender norms are blurring. As a result, more and more people seek nursing school scholarships for males to earn practical nursing credentials. Even though there are few nursing school scholarships for males, the following are the financial aid opportunities for male students.

American Association for Men in Nursing Scholarships

One of the top nursing school scholarships for males in the country is offered by the American Association for Men in Nursing to students looking to enter the nursing field. As a non-profit organization, its mission is to provide resources to men joining a profession that women dominate and provide continued support and education for them. Members can be men, women, or even from schools with nursing programs. To support these professionals in their studies, they aim to increase the male presence in the field.

Nursing students currently enrolled in nursing programs and seeking nursing school scholarships for males are eligible to apply for the AAMN scholarship. Annually, AAMN scholarships are awarded by a committee that reviews applications and the current academic standing of those who apply.

Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarships

The Army Nurse Corps Association offers a scholarship program to encourage military men to pursue nursing careers. Military students who have either active duty or veteran status and are enrolled in a Bachelor's or advanced nursing degree may apply for these nursing school scholarships for males. Members of this organization are based in Texas and may be active, retired, or reserve military nurses. This organization also provides nursing scholarships and grants for nursing research as an ally of the nursing profession.

This nursing scholarship is one of very few for men, and it has strict requirements, such as not using military funding for the project. An honorable discharge must have previously been received by those who have served in the military. Individuals interested in the scholarship should consult the website each fall semester to obtain application information.

Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Scholarships

The Emergency Nurses Association Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to emergency nurses to assist them in their career programs. Nursing school scholarships for males are quite diverse. They even accept men who live abroad and wish to become emergency nurses. Scholarships from the Emergency Nurses Association provide opportunities for men who wish to become emergency room nurses to obtain financial assistance in an area in demand for nurses across the country.

The ENA Foundation provides scholarships every year for men who are members or even non-members of the organization but who have a strong commitment to emergency nursing. ENA Foundation has several scholarships available for those planning to attend the annual conference annually. Nurses can apply for these scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and even doctoral programs in nursing.

Hector Gonzalez Past Presidents Scholarships

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) began as a way of bringing diversity into the nursing industry and encouraging the Hispanic population to enroll in nursing programs and complete them. A variety of scholarship options offered by the NAHN encourage nurses to continue their education and earn their master's degrees.

Hector Gonzalez Past President Scholarships are offered to Hispanic male nurses through NAHN. A male nursing scholarship is available for men who are pursuing their associate's degree in nursing and want to start a career in nursing. This scholarship can help minimize debt and enable them to complete the program by paying for one of their years of tuition.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

An organization founded to provide financial assistance to Hispanic students for higher education is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Candidates are selected based on their academic performance. As a result of this fund's flexibility, male nursing scholarships can be awarded. All programs are accepted, provided the recipient plans to enroll in either a four-year undergraduate program or graduate program following receipt of the award.

It is even more difficult to find Hispanic male nurses than the broader male minority in nursing. The organization does provide multiple scholarships annually, though, and male nurses have the opportunity to apply. There is a GPA requirement relative to the scholarship criteria and where the student is in their educational journey. Students can receive up to $5,000 in awards.

HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is one of the scholarship programs offered by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The scholarship provides financial assistance to students enrolled in nursing programs that are nationally recognized and accredited to cover the cost of tuition, books, and lab fees.

One of the male nursing scholarship options is the Nurse Corps program, which assists men seeking nursing scholarships. The scholarship is intended for medical students who are passionate about helping others. You will not be given a specific scholarship amount but will be required to work in a critical needs area after graduation. Consequently, these male nurses cannot have obligations that would prevent them from moving after graduation if they were to receive this scholarship.

Men in Nursing Scholarships

The Great Nurse Foundation offers the Men in Nursing Scholarship, a scholarship specifically designed for male nurses. This initiative aims to encourage more men to pursue careers in nursing and eventually become industry leaders. When nominated, the scholarship is awarded twice a year, with submission requirements and academic performance considered.

In contrast to other scholarships for male nurses, there are a few things to consider for the Men in Nursing Scholarship applicants. The applicant should be enrolled in an accredited and must identify their gender as male. Their scholarship applications must include a written submission about the barriers that male nurses face in this industry. The scholarship committee will review these submissions along with the current academic standing of the applicant.

National Black Nurses Association Scholarships

Founded in 1995, the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides minority Blacks the opportunity to support and assistance they need in the nursing profession. As part of their mission, they strive to assist their members in obtaining education and excelling in the nursing industry. They offer a variety of scholarships each year that support their members' educational endeavors and be a resource and support for black nurses.

Black male nurses seeking nursing scholarships can apply to thirteen scholarship opportunities with this organization alone. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including academic standing, the applicant's career goals, and the scholarship's specific application process. Students may be required to enroll in a specific program to qualify for some of these scholarships.

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

Approximately forty students receive financial assistance for the nursing or medical programs currently enrolled through the Tylenol Future Care Scholarship. Scholarships are not only available to male nursing students, but all genders can apply, resulting in fair competition.

Tylenol is offering this scholarship to encourage students to pursue their medical careers. Academic merit in the applicant's current program is considered along with the program's accreditation. Over the last twenty years, this scholarship has awarded over 8 million dollars to healthcare students and continues to do so for the upcoming academic year.

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