Are There Scholarships Available For Single Fathers?

    A single parent manages a myriad of responsibilities, and with that follows a substantial financial need. With today’s economic challenges, raising a family is getting harder and harder. What more if you have to do it alone? The good thing is that there are government programs for single parents — including scholarship opportunities.

    If you are one of the 2.7 million single fathers in America, or you want to help one of them get an education, below are some scholarships for single fathers.

    1. Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

    The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF) was launched to provide supplemental financial support to single parents in the state looking to further their education and boost their income-earning potential. In this route to schooling, single fathers can opt to go the traditional way or pursue education in a skilled trade.

    To qualify, a single father must be a U.S. legal resident or someone with DACA status. They should also be single, never married, widowed, or in the process of finalizing a divorce. The father should also have half or full custody of at least one dependent child.

    ASPSF is also particular with living status, requiring the single dad to be the only adult at home, live with his parents, or live with a roommate who is not a significant other or co-parent. Lastly, the single father must have completed his GED, have at least a 2.0 GPA and filled out the FAFSA form.

    The amount awarded to the single father varies, depending on the scholarship committee’s decision.

    2. Ford Opportunity Program Scholarship

    The Ford Family Foundation offers the Ford Opportunity Program Scholarship to assist single parents in completing their college degrees. This program accepts up to 96 renewable scholarships annually for adults over 25 in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.

    In this scholarship program, the recipient can get up to 90% of their college expenses — tuition, college fees, lodging, and personal costs. However, the final amount is weighed in relevance to other grants or scholarships the single father may have.

    The main requirement of this scholarship is that the recipient is a resident of either Oregon or Siskiyou County, California, has a high school diploma, and plans to enroll in college full-time.

    3. Custody X Change Giving Fund Single Parent Scholarship

    Custody X Change is a software company that offers a solution for parents to manage custody agreements effectively. They award three scholarships worldwide to single parents who wish to pursue their undergraduate degree through the Custody X Change Giving Fund.

    The company requires potential applicants to submit a compelling essay to be eligible for the scholarship. They wish to learn about the applicant’s story and how they plan on using their education for their family.

    Aside from that, they require the single parent to have primary physical custody of the child and a 3.0 GPA or equivalent in their country.

    The Custody X Change Giving Fund Single Parent Scholarship gives $1,000 for their spring, summer, and fall term recipients.

    4. LouEllen Dabbs Scholarship

    For single dads who wish to pursue a career in business, banking, or finance, the LouEllen Dabs Scholarship will be able to help you.

    The scholarship requires that the recipient is a single parent, enrolled for at least nine credits in a business or banking course, and has at least a 2.35 GPA.


    Having a bachelor’s degree can be a life changer, and it’s undeniable that scholarship opportunities for single fathers can improve their lives — especially their children’s. So, whether it’s public or private-funded scholarships and grants for single fathers, they are worth researching and applying for.

    If you want to learn more about resources for single parents and people challenged with hardships, explore the rest of Gov Relations today!