If we are looking for ways that help us make positive changes in our business, then sometimes it means looking outside the box and seeing what’s out there beyond your local suppliers. So what are the main reasons companies import goods? We’ve got three compelling reasons below on how imports could be just what your company needs:

Introduce New Products 

If you produce the same old products as your competitors, find an overseas supplier and be creative to give yourself a competitive edge. Maybe that means coming up with new product ideas or using materials before they become commonplace on the market – getting ahead of what’s already out there will help set you apart from other companies in this space.

Increase Your Profit Margins

The reason why companies choose to import goods is because of profit margins. There are many cases where importing products from abroad would be more advantageous than producing them locally; for example, the price difference between imported and local cacao can range upwards of 50%. When it comes down to natural resources in foreign countries being cheaper or not having any around your area-importing will always yield a much higher return on investment.

Improve Your Quality

Perhaps the items you need to make your product are available locally, but they’re not of the best quality. Other times, it may be a matter of perceived quality by your clientele. Either way, importing products from anywhere else can mean that value of your products increases! 

For example, many consumers have an interest in apparel made with Merino wool; however, since these sheep don’t grow very well in Canadian winters and often lead miserable lives on conventional farms (eating GMO foods), alternative options exist for sourcing this material – such as imported merino fleece or “woolen” yarns spun with New Zealand lamb’s wool which is treated humanely and fed organic grasses.”

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