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You’re qualified to receive EBT benefits. Here’s how you can apply:

You’re qualified to receive EBT benefits

1. Determine Eligibility

Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the dental grant.

2. Submit the Online Application

Navigate to the organization’s website. Complete and submit the online application form.

3. Application Review

The organization’s employees will verify and cross-reference the details provided in your application.

4. Free Dental Examination

Qualified applicants receive a complimentary examination and consultation. This is done by a local dentist volunteering their time and expertise.

5. Dentist’s Recommendations

After assessing the patient, the dentist provides appropriate suggestions to the grant organization.

6. Dental Treatment Plans

If deemed eligible for the dental grant, the dentist will promptly provide a detailed treatment plan tailored to the applicant’s needs.

7. Note on Grant Coverage

It’s crucial to remember that low-income dental grants might not cover the full treatment cost. They are partial scholarships. The selection process uses a per-capita, percentile-based distribution system, meaning only a limited number of applicants receive the grant each year.

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