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Free Tablets for Qualified ACP Recipients by Maxsip Telecom

Written by: Ryan Reid
Last updated: February 13, 2024

Maxsip Telecom offers a free tablet under specific circumstances. They leverage the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a government initiative to narrow the digital divide, to provide eligible individuals free internet service and a free tablet.

  • Partnerships with Sports Teams:

Maxsip Telecom has partnerships with sports teams like the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Marlins. These collaborations aim to extend their reach in communities, particularly in promoting their internet services through various community engagement programs.

  • Free Internet Service:

Maxsip Telecom provides free internet access to eligible individuals and families.

Maxsip Telecom ACP Free Tablet and Internet
  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): 

The ACP is an FCC benefit program that Maxsip Telecom participates in. It offers free internet service to households that qualify based on income or participation in federal assistance programs. Eligible customers may also receive a 4G Android tablet for a one-time $20 copay.

  • Healthcare Communication Solutions:

Maxsip Telecom partners with nursing homes to provide communication solutions to enhance patients' quality of life. This includes a customizable software system and tablets for better communication in healthcare facilities.

  • Maxsip Perks Program: 

A customer loyalty and community resource program for select Maxsip customers. It includes rewards and benefits like games, daily deals, and surprise bonuses.

Ryan Reid
Ryan Reid is a dedicated social worker with a passion for improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families in his community. With a bachelor's degree in Social Work from a reputable university, Ryan has spent over a decade working in various roles within the social services sector. His expertise lies in assessing the needs of at-risk populations, connecting them with essential resources, and advocating for their rights. Ryan's compassionate approach and unwavering commitment to social justice make him a trusted advocate for those in need of government assistance and support.

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