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Montana's Remarkable Leap: A 100-Fold Increase In ACP Claims From 2022 To 2023

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

January 2022 Start: The claim amount was a modest $15,381 with $736,790 in subsidies.


Steady Ascend: A consistent increase in total claim amounts from January 2022 to August 2023.


August 2023 Peak: Reached a high of $1,598,310 in claim amounts.


100-Fold Growth: The total claim amount in August 2023 was over 100 times greater than in January 2022.


Fluctuating Patterns: Notable month-to-month fluctuations in claim amounts.


Yearly Comparison: August 2023's claim amount far exceeded that of August 2022.


Rising Subsidies: A steady increase in total claimed subsidies throughout the period.


2023 Subsidy Highs: The highest subsidies recorded in 2023.


Impact Of External Influences: Reflecting the influence of economic or policy changes.


State Comparison: Potential for comparative analysis with other states.


Policy Significance: Implications for state policies and budgeting.


Seasonal Trends: Possible seasonal variations in claim amounts.


Long-Term Growth Indicator: Suggests a long-term growth trend in Montana's claim amounts.


Public Interest: Critical information for various stakeholders in Montana.

Montana's ACP Journey

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) in Montana has seen remarkable changes over the past year and a half. This program, vital for ensuring that low-income households have access to essential internet services, has shown a significant upward trend in both claim amounts and subsidies. Understanding these trends is crucial for stakeholders, ranging from policymakers to the residents of Montana, as they reflect broader economic and social dynamics within the state.

Fast Facts

The total claim amount in August 2023 for Montana’s ACP claims was over 100 times greater than in January 2022.

Monthly Comparison: January 2022 To August 2023

  • Overall Trend: There's an undeniable upward trajectory in the total claim amounts from January 2022 to August 2023.
  • From Inception To Peak: Starting at $15,381 in January 2022, the claims soared to $1,598,310 by August 2023.
  • Fluctuating Journey: Despite the overall growth, the journey wasn't linear, with several peaks and troughs along the way.
  • Highlighting August 2023: This month stands out as a significant point, showcasing the culmination of the program's growth.

Exploring The Surge: January 2022 To August 2023

Montana ACP Claims - Claim Growth Jan 2022 - Aug 2023

The Modest Beginning: January 2022

  • Humble Start: In January 2022, the ACP claims in Montana were at a modest $15,381, accompanied by substantial subsidies amounting to $736,790.
  • Foundation For Growth: This initial figure set the stage for the remarkable growth that followed in the subsequent months.

The Upward Trajectory: Consistent Increase In Claims

  • Growth Pattern: Each month from January 2022 saw a steady increase in claim amounts, reflecting a growing reliance on and the success of the ACP.
  • Indication Of Need: This consistent rise suggests an increasing demand for affordable connectivity in Montana.

The August 2023 Peak: A Milestone

  • Record High: August 2023 marked a milestone with claim amounts reaching a peak of $1,598,310.
  • Significant Increase: This peak represents a more than 100-fold increase compared to the starting month, highlighting the program's expanding impact.

The Hundredfold Growth: A Comparative Perspective

  • Staggering Increase: The growth from $15,381 in January 2022 to $1,598,310 in August 2023 is a testament to the program's escalating significance.
  • Reflecting Expanding Reach: This growth indicates not just increased funding but also an expanding user base for the ACP.

The Fluctuating Journey: Month-To-Month Variations

  • Not a Straight Line: The journey from January 2022 to August 2023 was marked by fluctuations, with some months seeing dips in claim amounts.
  • Economic And Policy Influences: These fluctuations may be attributed to various economic conditions or policy changes affecting eligibility or need.

Yearly Comparison: August 2022 vs August 2023

  • Year-Over-Year Growth: Comparing August 2022 to August 2023, there is a clear and substantial increase in the claim amounts.
  • Indicative Of Program Evolution: This comparison illustrates how the program has evolved and grown over the year.

Rising Subsidies: Indicating Increased Assistance

  • Increase In Subsidies: Alongside the claim amounts, there was also a noticeable rise in total claimed subsidies.
  • Enhanced Support: This increase in subsidies reflects the government's commitment to supporting low-income households in accessing internet services.

Beyond The Numbers: Implications And Insights

2023: The Year Of Subsidy Highs

  • Record-Breaking Subsidies: 2023 emerged as a year with the highest amount of claimed subsidies, indicating an increased allocation of resources to the ACP.
  • Reflecting Enhanced Support: This surge in subsidies underscores a heightened focus on expanding internet accessibility in Montana.

The Impact Of External Influences

  • Economic And Policy Shifts: The fluctuating claim amounts and subsidies may be indicative of broader economic shifts or changes in policy impacting internet accessibility.
  • Reflective Of A Dynamic Environment: These trends offer insights into how external factors influence public programs like the ACP.

Comparative Analysis With Other States

  • Potential For Broader Insights: Comparing Montana's ACP data with other states could provide a comprehensive view of nationwide trends in affordable connectivity.
  • Understanding Regional Variations: Such comparisons can highlight how regional factors influence program success and challenges.

Policy Significance: Shaping Future Decisions

  • Influencing State Policies: These trends are crucial for informing future policy decisions related to internet access and affordability in Montana.
  • Budgetary And Resource Allocation: The data can guide the allocation of resources and budgeting for continued support of the ACP.

Uncovering Seasonal Trends

  • Seasonal Variability: The data may reveal seasonal patterns in claim amounts, possibly linked to factors like weather, employment cycles, or academic calendars.
  • Adapting Program Strategies: Understanding these patterns can help in tailoring the ACP more effectively to meet seasonal needs.

The Long-Term Growth Indicator

  • Sustained Growth Trend: The data from January 2022 to August 2023 suggests a long-term upward trend in claim amounts and subsidies.
  • Implications For Long-Term Planning: This trend can aid in long-term planning for the ACP, ensuring its sustainability and relevance.

The Public Interest: A Widespread Impact

  • Engaging Various Stakeholders: The increasing claim amounts and subsidies under the ACP have implications for a wide range of stakeholders, including policymakers, service providers, and beneficiaries.
  • Awareness And Accessibility: Public awareness of these trends can lead to better utilization of the program and potentially influence its future direction.

Montana's Journey With The Affordable Connectivity Program

Montana's journey with the Affordable Connectivity Program from January 2022 to August 2023 paints a picture of a dynamic, evolving initiative responding to the growing needs of its population. The remarkable hundredfold increase in claim amounts within this period is not just a statistic; it represents real-life impacts on individuals and families across the state. 

As we look forward, understanding these trends and their implications will be crucial in shaping policies and strategies that continue to bridge the digital divide in Montana, ensuring that every resident has the opportunity to stay connected in an increasingly digital world.

Read more about the difference between ACP and Lifeline when selecting affordable internet connectivity from our resources at Gov Relations.

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