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North Dakota's Surging Connectivity: A $422,086 Peak In April 2023

Written by: Robert Taylor
Last updated: January 30, 2024

January 2022: The year started with a high claim amount of $5,956,484.


February To March 2022: A noticeable decrease in claim amounts, with February at $197,349 and March further down to $157,616.


April To May 2022: A rebound in claims, with April at $181,199 and May rising to $195,520.


Mid-Year 2022: Steady growth, June ($209,716), July ($222,626), and August ($244,774).


Fall 2022: Continued growth, peaking in October at $277,486.


End Of 2022: An upward trend, with December reaching $301,511.


Early 2023: A surge in claims, with January at $322,883 and February further up at $347,118.


Spring 2023: A significant increase, peaking in April at $422,086, before a decline in subsequent months.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) In North Dakota

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) in North Dakota represents a critical component of the state's efforts to enhance digital inclusion and ensure robust internet connectivity. This initiative, crucial in bridging the digital divide, has seen significant fluctuations in claim amounts over the period from January 2022 to August 2023. The program's impact is not just a story of numbers; it reflects the evolving needs and responses of a community increasingly reliant on digital connectivity.

Comparing Monthly Trends With August 2023

North Dakota ACP Claims - Claim Growth Jan 2022 - Aug 2023

Fast Facts

North Dakota's ACP witnessed a surge in claims, with January at $322,883 and February further up at $347,118.

Analyzing The EBB And Flow Of Claims

The journey of the ACP claim amounts in North Dakota is marked by significant trends and fluctuations. A detailed comparison with August 2023, where the claim amount was $344,273, reveals a fascinating narrative of growth, peak, and eventual decline.

  • January 2022 To Mid-2023: A pattern of growth is evident, culminating in a peak in April 2023.
  • June 2023: The highest claim amount of the period at $463,903, indicating a peak before a downward trend.
  • August 2023: A noticeable decline to $344,273, suggesting a possible shift in the program's dynamics or external influencing factors.

In-Depth Analysis: January To July 2022

January 2022: The Starting Point

The Year Begins With A High

  • The ACP program in North Dakota kicked off 2022 with a staggering claim amount of $5,956,484.
  • This figure indicates a significant initial demand for connectivity aid in the state, setting a high baseline for the year.

February To March 2022: Early Year Adjustments

A Noticeable Decrease In Claims

  • February 2022 saw a sharp decline in claim amounts to $197,349.
  • March continued this trend with a further reduction to $157,616.
  • These months possibly reflect adjustments in program implementation or seasonal variations in connectivity needs.

April To May 2022: Spring Rebound

Claims Begin to Climb Again

  • April marked a slight recovery in claims to $181,199.
  • May witnessed further growth, with claim amounts rising to $195,520.
  • This period may suggest an adaptation phase for beneficiaries and providers in the ACP.

Mid-Year 2022: Steady Growth

Consistent Rise Through The Summer

  • June's claim amount increased to $209,716, hinting at a growing reliance on the program during the mid-year.
  • July followed with a claim amount of $222,626.
  • These months might indicate a seasonal peak in demand for connectivity, possibly influenced by increased online activities during summer.

August To October 2022: Sustained Growth

Peak Performance In The Fall

  • August 2022 saw claim amounts rising to $244,774, showing robust mid-year performance.
  • September and October continued this growth trajectory, with claims reaching $277,611 and $277,486 respectively.
  • This period likely represents a high point in the ACP's impact, possibly driven by a combination of increased awareness and the ongoing need for digital connectivity in various sectors.

Continued Momentum: November 2022 To August 2023

November To December 2022: Year-End Surge

A Strong Finish To 2022

  • November 2022 saw claim amounts increase to $289,368.
  • December furthered this upward trend, reaching $301,511.
  • The year-end surge might reflect a culmination of growing awareness and the expanding reach of the ACP in North Dakota.

January To February 2023: New Year, New Peaks

Starting 2023 With Record Highs

  • January 2023 marked the beginning of the year with an increased claim amount of $322,883.
  • February witnessed a further leap to $347,118.
  • These months indicate a continued reliance on the ACP, possibly augmented by new enrollments or enhanced program offerings.

March To April 2023: The Pinnacle Of Claims

Reaching The Zenith

  • March 2023's claims surged to $390,469, indicating an escalated engagement with the program.
  • April 2023 saw the peak of this period with the highest claim amount at $422,086.
  • This peak possibly reflects the culmination of program outreach and the maturing of ACP's impact in the state.

May To August 2023: A Shift In Dynamics

Observing A Gradual Decline

  • A noticeable reduction in claim amounts began in May 2023 and continued through August.
  • The decline culminated in August 2023 with a claim amount of $344,273.
  • This downward trend could signify various factors, including changes in funding, policy adjustments, or a shift in the digital connectivity landscape in North Dakota.

Understanding The ACP's Impact In North Dakota

The Affordable Connectivity Program in North Dakota has been on a journey of highs and lows, peaking impressively in April 2023. This in-depth analysis highlights not just the fluctuating claim amounts but also the evolving digital landscape of the state. 

The trends observed from January 2022 to August 2023 underscore the dynamic nature of the ACP and its critical role in facilitating digital inclusion. As the program continues to evolve, it remains a vital component of North Dakota's efforts to bridge the digital divide, adapt to changing connectivity needs, and foster a digitally empowered community.

Read more about the difference between ACP and Lifeline when selecting affordable internet connectivity from our resources at Gov Relations.

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