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Rhode Island’s Remarkable Rise: A 140% Increase In ACP Claim Amounts From 2022 To 2023

Written by: Robert Taylor
Last updated: January 30, 2024

January 2022 To December 2022 Growth: Total claim amount nearly 2.3 times higher in December 2022 compared to January 2022.


Year-Over-Year Comparison: A staggering 140% increase in total claim amounts from January 2022 to January 2023.


Highest Monthly Increase: Approximately 10% rise in total claim amounts from September to October 2022.


Stabilizing Trend In 2023: Less dramatic monthly growth in total claim amounts compared to 2022.


February 2023 Peak: Notable increase in total claim amounts compared to February 2022.


Summer 2023 Stability: Relatively stable claim amounts during the summer of 2023.


April 2023 Anomaly: Slight decrease in total claim amounts from March 2023.


Consistent Yearly Growth: Each month in 2023 showed higher claim amounts compared to the same month in 2022.


Significant Increase In Total Claimed Subs: Indicating broader utilization of services or claims.


August Peak Analysis: Significant year-over-year growth in August.


First Half vs. Second Half Of 2022: More pronounced increase in the second half of 2022.


Decreasing Growth Rate: Signs of slowing down in the rate of increase in 2023.


Comparative Stability In Mid-2023: More stability in claim amounts from May to August 2023.


Overall Growth Trend: Significant growth in claim amounts despite some fluctuations.

Significance Of Rhode Island’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Rhode Island’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has shown a significant upward trajectory in claim amounts over the past 20 months, reflecting the program's growing importance in the state. The ACP, crucial for ensuring accessible and affordable connectivity to underserved communities, plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide. 

This analysis delves into the trends and patterns of the ACP claim amounts from January 2022 to August 2023, providing valuable insights into the program's impact and reach.

Fast Facts

Rhode Island’s ACP saw a 140% increase in total claim amounts, rising from $20,694 in January 2022 to $49,754 in January 2023.

Comparative Analysis: Monthly Trends vs. August 2023

The comparison between each month's total claim amounts and that of August 2023 paints a picture of the evolving nature of the ACP in Rhode Island.

  • Consistent Upward Trend: The data shows an overall increase in claim amounts, with a more than doubling effect from January 2022 to August 2023.
  • August 2023 Decrease: A slight decrease in August 2023 compared to July 2023, indicating a minor reduction in claim amounts.
  • Yearly Growth Patterns: Each month in 2023 has outperformed its 2022 counterpart, showcasing consistent growth.
  • Summer Stability: The summer months of 2023, especially August, demonstrate a period of stabilization in claim amounts.

In-Depth Analysis Of ACP Growth Trends In Rhode Island

Rhode Island ACP Claims - Total Subscriber Jan 2022 - Aug 2023

Impressive Growth From January To December 2022

The Affordable Connectivity Program in Rhode Island experienced significant growth in claim amounts throughout 2022.

  • Consistent Monthly Increases: Each month of 2022 saw a rise in claim amounts, with no exceptions.
  • End Of Year Surge: The total claim amount in December 2022 was nearly 2.3 times that of January 2022, showcasing the program's expanding reach.

A Staggering Year-Over-Year Growth

The comparison between January 2022 and January 2023 reveals the growing importance of the ACP.

Remarkable Monthly Surge: September To October 2022

A notable spike in claim amounts was observed in the fall of 2022.

  • 10% Monthly Increase: This peak represents the highest month-to-month growth in the period under review.

The Stabilizing Effect Of 2023

The year 2023 started showing a new pattern in the growth of claim amounts.

  • Lesser Fluctuations: Compared to 2022, the monthly increases in 2023 were less dramatic, indicating a maturing and stabilizing program.

The Notable February 2023 Peak

February 2023 marked a significant point in the ACP's growth trajectory.

  • Significant Year-over-Year Increase: The total claim amount in February 2023 far exceeded that of February 2022, underscoring a continued need for the program.

Summer 2023: A Period Of Stability

The summer months of 2023 showcased a steadier trend in ACP claims.

  • Consistent Claim Amounts: Unlike the previous year, the summer of 2023 saw relatively stable claim amounts, indicating a period of equilibrium.

The April 2023 Anomaly

April 2023 stood out as an unusual month in the overall upward trend.

  • Slight Decrease From March 2023: This deviation suggests a temporary shift in claim patterns, which could be attributed to various external factors.

Continued Exploration Of Rhode Island's ACP Trends

Sustained Growth Throughout 2023

2023 continued the trend of increased ACP claims in Rhode Island, highlighting its enduring impact.

  • Surpassing 2022 Figures: Each month in 2023 witnessed higher claim amounts than the corresponding month in 2022, reinforcing the program's growing significance.

Rising Total Claimed Subscriptions

The increase in claimed subscriptions parallels the rise in claim amounts, indicating broader program utilization.

  • Broader Service Utilization: This trend points to an increasing number of beneficiaries accessing the ACP's offerings.

The Significance Of August: A Yearly Comparison

August, as a month, showed remarkable year-over-year growth, emphasizing its importance in the ACP calendar.

  • Significant Increase In Yearly Claims: Both August 2022 and August 2023 experienced notable increases compared to their previous years.

Contrasting Halves Of 2022

The year 2022 saw different growth patterns in its two halves, with the latter showing more pronounced increases.

  • Greater Growth In Later Months: This could indicate an expanding awareness and utilization of the ACP as the year progressed.

A Slowing Growth Rate In 2023

While growth continued in 2023, the rate of increase in claim amounts began showing signs of moderation.

  • Potential Market Maturation: This could suggest that the ACP is reaching a more stable phase in its lifecycle.

Mid-Year Stability In 2023

The middle months of 2023 displayed a more consistent pattern in claim amounts, unlike the previous year.

  • Less Variability In Claim Amounts: This stability could indicate a more predictable utilization pattern of ACP services.

The Overall Upward Trend

Despite some fluctuations and the slight decrease in August 2023, the overarching trend points to significant growth in ACP claim amounts in Rhode Island.

  • Continued Importance Of ACP: The overall upward trajectory underscores the program's crucial role in providing affordable connectivity.

The Rhode Island ACP's Journey From 2022 To 2023

The analysis of Rhode Island’s Affordable Connectivity Program from January 2022 to August 2023 reveals a remarkable story of growth and adaptation. The program has not only expanded in terms of claim amounts and subscriptions but also evolved, showing signs of stabilization and predictability. 

This trend is a testament to the program's success in meeting the connectivity needs of Rhode Islanders, reflecting the state’s commitment to bridging the digital divide. As the ACP continues to adapt to the changing needs of its beneficiaries, it remains a vital component in ensuring equitable access to digital resources.

This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights for policymakers, stakeholders, and journalists, offering a clear view of the program's impact and highlighting areas for potential focus and improvement. The Rhode Island ACP's journey from 2022 to 2023 serves as a significant case study in the effective implementation and scaling of social welfare programs aimed at enhancing digital inclusivity.

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