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Can You Use EBT On Amazon?

Written by: Robert Taylor
Last updated: January 30, 2024

SNAP beneficiaries can use their EBT cards on Amazon for eligible purchases across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.


Amazon accepts EBT for a variety of grocery and household items but excludes non-food items, alcohol, tobacco, pet supplies, hot foods, and certain pre-made deli items.


Users can add their EBT card to their Amazon account and shop for items marked as "SNAP EBT Eligible." However, delivery fees, service charges, or non-eligible items must be paid with an alternative payment method.[1]


Amazon offers a discounted Prime membership for EBT cardholders, which includes free delivery and exclusive deals.


Returns of items purchased with EBT follow Amazon's standard return policy, with refunds issued back to the EBT card.


EBT users can shop on Amazon without a Prime membership, though having one offers additional benefits like free shipping.


EBT card usage on Amazon is accessible nationwide in the United States, enabling SNAP beneficiaries in all regions, including Alaska, to utilize their cards for online grocery shopping.[2]

Online shopping has become a staple in many households. With the rise of platforms like Amazon, the question arises: can you use EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) on Amazon? Understanding the intricacies of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) usage on platforms like Amazon is crucial.

This comprehensive guide delves into whether you can use EBT on Amazon, what you can purchase with it, and the eligibility requirements for using EBT on this platform.

Can You Use EBT On Amazon?

Yes, Amazon accepts EBT as a payment method, making it a convenient option for those who receive government assistance through programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This integration of EBT into Amazon’s payment system reflects the company's commitment to making its services accessible to a wider audience, including low-income households.

Fast Facts

SNAP EBT cardholders can use their benefits for grocery purchases and also for shopping on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market without a Prime membership.

What You Can Use EBT For On Amazon

EBT on Amazon can be used to purchase a variety of eligible items, primarily focusing on groceries and essential household goods. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Fresh produce
  • Meat and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Canned and packaged goods
  • Snacks and beverages

It’s important to note that EBT funds cannot be used for all items available on Amazon. Non-eligible items include:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Pet food
  • Household supplies like cleaning products
  • Personal care items like shampoo and cosmetics

Amazon has streamlined the shopping experience for EBT users by creating a section where eligible items are clearly marked, simplifying the process of identifying what can be purchased with EBT funds.

Eligibility Requirements For Using EBT On Amazon

To use EBT on Amazon, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Residency: You must be a resident of a state that participates in the SNAP program.
  • SNAP Enrollment: You must be enrolled in the SNAP program and have a valid EBT card.
  • Amazon Account: An active Amazon account is required to make purchases.
  • Internet Access: Since Amazon is an online platform, having internet access is a necessity for placing orders.

Once these criteria are met, users can add their EBT card to their Amazon account and start using it for eligible purchases. It’s also worth noting that Amazon offers discounted Prime memberships for EBT cardholders, which includes free shipping on eligible items, further enhancing the shopping experience for low-income households.

What You Cannot Use EBT For On Amazon

When using EBT on Amazon, there are specific items that you cannot purchase. These include:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco Products: Items like beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco are not EBT eligible.
  • Pre-made Deli Items: This category includes pre-made sandwiches, wraps, chicken tenders, and pizza slices. These items are typically ready-to-eat and require no further cooking.
  • Pet Food and Supplies: EBT does not cover any pet-related items such as leashes, collars, bowls, feeding supplies, bedding, and blankets.
  • Hot Foods: Any hot meals or foods, including pizza, hot sandwiches, and fried chicken, are not covered by EBT. This is because EBT aims to assist in purchasing groceries for home cooking, not prepared foods ready for immediate consumption.
  • Vitamins and Supplements: Products like protein powders, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies are not eligible for EBT as they are not considered essential for sustenance or nutrition.
  • Prepared Meals and Catering: Items that have been cooked or prepared, such as hot food from a deli, fast food, and certain cold prepared foods like salads, deli meats, and sushi, are not covered by EBT.

How To Use Your EBT Card On Amazon

Using your EBT card on Amazon is a straightforward process:[1]

  • Create or Sign into Amazon Account: Visit Amazon and create an account if you don't have one.
  • Add Your EBT Card: Enter your SNAP EBT card information into your Amazon account.
  • Identify Eligible Items: Look for items labeled as SNAP EBT eligible.
  • Checkout with EBT: Select your EBT card at checkout and enter your card PIN to complete the purchase.

Remember, if you are shopping for items not eligible for EBT, you'll need to add an alternative payment method, like a credit card, debit card, gift card, or Amazon Cash.

Regions Or States Allow The Use Of EBT Cards On Amazon

EBT card usage on Amazon is available nationwide in the United States, making it accessible to eligible individuals regardless of their location. With the expansion to include regions like Alaska, Amazon has ensured that those eligible for SNAP benefits can utilize their EBT cards for online grocery shopping nationwide.[2]

Fast Facts

EBT cardholders can utilize their benefits for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, allowing for scheduled deliveries of eligible items.

Impact On Low-Income Households

The inclusion of EBT as a payment method on Amazon has significantly impacted low-income households. It provides them with access to a wide range of products at competitive prices, along with the convenience of home delivery. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, those living in food deserts, or anyone facing transportation challenges.

Economic And Social Implications

The integration of EBT payment on platforms like Amazon also has broader economic and social implications. It indicates a shift towards more inclusive financial practices, acknowledging the needs of various socio-economic groups. This not only supports individuals on government assistance but also contributes to the overall economy by encouraging consumer spending across different demographics.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the most common questions about using EBT on Amazon to help you gain a clearer understanding of this.

How do I identify EBT eligible items on Amazon?

Amazon has streamlined the shopping experience for EBT users. Eligible items are marked with a label indicating "SNAP EBT Eligible." This feature helps users easily find and select products that they can purchase with their EBT funds.

Are there any geographical limitations to using EBT on Amazon within the U.S.?

No, there are no geographical limitations within the U.S. for using EBT on Amazon. The service is available to SNAP beneficiaries in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Can I use EBT for Amazon's Subscribe & Save program?

Yes, EBT cardholders can use their benefits for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program on eligible items. This program allows for additional savings and convenience through regular scheduled deliveries.

Is it possible to split payments between EBT and another payment method on Amazon?

Yes, you can split payments on Amazon. If your cart contains both EBT eligible and non-eligible items, you can pay for the eligible items with your EBT card and use another payment method, like a credit card, for the rest.

What happens if I return an item purchased with EBT on Amazon?

If you return an item purchased with EBT, Amazon will issue a refund to your EBT card. The refund process is similar to that of other payment methods and adheres to Amazon's return policies.

Navigating The Use Of EBT On Amazon

Navigating the use of EBT on Amazon can significantly enhance the shopping experience for SNAP beneficiaries. By understanding the eligible items, how to use the EBT card on the platform, and the availability of this service across various regions, individuals can effectively utilize their benefits for a convenient and efficient shopping experience. Amazon's integration of EBT into its payment system reflects an inclusive approach, making essential food items more accessible to a broader audience. Whether you're a seasoned EBT user or new to SNAP benefits, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge needed for a seamless shopping journey on one of the most extensive online platforms.

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