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Top Dental Charities For Adults To Help With Financing

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

There are 77 million Americans without dental insurance, including people of color, those with low income, and veterans, according to the annual State of Oral Health Equity in America survey of 2022. Approximately 17 million children from low-income families do not get dental care in America.

It is a necessary and somewhat inconvenient part of our lives to visit the dentist regularly. The cost of visiting the dentist can be prohibitive for those who live below the poverty line. Most Americans cannot afford dental cleanings and treatments, resulting in dental problems. 

People who cannot afford dental care can find free or low-cost dental care through dental charities for adults. Donations are commonly used to fund these charities. Dentures, cleanings, fillings, and extractions are among the various services dental charities provide. 

Additionally, some charities offer fluoride treatments and sealants as preventive care. Dental charities may also provide educational materials and resources to help patients care for their teeth more effectively.

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Breakdown Of Dental Costs

To better understand how much dental treatment will cost you, we have given the respective costs of the various dental procedures below. You can use the following costs to estimate how much your dental treatment will cost you, depending on the procedures you need.

  • Without dental insurance, routine teeth cleaning costs $75 to $200. This process can cost more than $300 if x-rays are required.
  • It can cost $1,700 - $8,000 to treat periodontitis with deep cleansing, scaling, and root planning.
  • The prices for dental fillings used to fill cavities vary between $100 and $4,000, depending on where the tooth is located and the material used.
  • For root canal and crown procedures that repair damaged teeth, costs can range from $1,000 to $4,000
  • It will cost $75 to $4,000 to extract a damaged or infected tooth, depending on which tooth is extracted and whether general anesthesia is used.
  • In the case of dental implants, you can expect to pay $3,500 to $6,700 per tooth.
  • Whether ceramic, metal or plastic braces are used, braces cost between $3,000 and $10,000.

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Dental Charities For Adults

Financial Assistance From Dental Charities For Adults

If you cannot afford the dental treatment you need, do not panic. You can seek assistance for your dental treatment from the dental charities for adults listed below.

America's Dentists Care Foundation, Missions of Mercy

An organization that provides oral health care tools to the underserved is America's Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF). Among their solutions are to support hospitals that provide comprehensive care for a wide range of populations or to support small clinics serving a specific group of patients, such as veterans. 

Two hundred ninety thousand patients have received $200 million worth of charitable oral health care from clinics supported by ADCF in 31 states since 2008. The ADCF provides more than equipment and instruments; it provides guidance and proven practices that enable hosting successful events. 

Several charitable clinic organizations, state dental foundations, and private donors fund the ADCF. Mercy USA's Medical Mission strives to make a difference in the lives of those in need through medical, dental, and surgical treatments.

Give Back A Smile

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry provides charitable support through its Give Back a Smile program. Providing free dental care to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault helps rebuild their lives and smiles. As part of their mission, they raise awareness, provide volunteer services, and give hope to survivors. 

In the past 17 years, over 1,800 people have had their smiles restored by AACD member dentists, dental laboratories, and other professionals for a total dollar value of more than $17 million. The United States currently has around 100 people undergoing smile restoration through this program.

Smiles For Everyone

In the United States and abroad, people in need can receive free dental treatment through the Smile for Everyone Foundation. Their donation of oral health services since 2011 has amounted to over $20 million. Among the three programs offered by Smiles for Everyone are the following.

  • Days of Giving: Pre-qualified patients are offered free basic services by volunteers.
  • Smile Makeovers: Selected individuals can benefit from extensive treatment through this program.
  • Implanting Inspiration: A hand-picked group of patients receives implants for free as part of this program.

Charitable Smiles

Founded in 2010, Charitable Smiles helps those who can't afford oral health care get the care they need. The program pairs adults with participating dentists who volunteer to serve their patients. 

Dental healthcare providers cover these extra costs through patient nominations. Therefore, ask your dentist for a nomination. Charitable Smiles aims to provide free dental services to patients who cannot afford them. Chair time can be donated, but the provider must provide materials and appliances.

Dental Lifeline Network

Established in 1974, Dental Lifeline Network offers free dental care to needy people. Their mission is to provide comprehensive dental care to those unable to afford it, those with disabilities, the elderly, and those with medical fragility. 

Through its coordinated system of care, Dental Lifeline Network aims to transform the lives of America's most vulnerable adults. 

Most adults in our community, including the most vulnerable residents, cannot afford dental care. 

A comprehensive dental care program is provided across the country for adults with special needs through Dental Lifeline Network. Dentists and laboratories donate their time and skills to provide these treatments for these patients.

American Dental Partners Foundation

Founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, American Dental Partners Foundation relies on individual and organizational contributions for its operations. Since its founding in 1999, it has provided education, disease prevention, and community patient care to enhance oral health. 

By providing quality dental care to underserved populations and enhancing and advancing oral health care in America, the Institute for Oral Health Improvement (IOHI) was founded in 2010. 

Thousands of Americans require dental treatment but cannot afford it. You can get financial assistance from dental charities for adults. Application deadlines and waiting periods for dental charities are nonexistent. 

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