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Free or Low-Cost Dental Clinics in the Dallas Area

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

It can be hard to find low-income dental services in Dallas, but free and low-cost options are available.  There are different types of dental care depending on your age, where you live, and how much money you make. Low-income people, uninsured individuals, and those working in the community can receive health care, including dental care, from free clinics in Dallas County. 

The Dallas County area is estimated to have about 25% of residents without health insurance, limited coverage, or struggling to pay medical bills. These citizens can receive free or reduced-rate health services at community clinics. However, they have to meet the eligibility requirements.

Community Dental Center

With over fifty years of experience in providing dental care and education to low-income families, Community Dental Care has become a trusted name. Infants, children, teens, adults, seniors, and those with special needs who have no access to affordable dental care can obtain dental care through Community Dental Care. 

Low-income patients can access dental care at this non-profit dental center. The rates are reduced for low-income children, who must prove that they meet the requirements (check stub, income tax form, notarized letter from the employer). Thanks to Medicaid and CHIP, uninsured patients have greatly reduced copays regardless of treatment.

North Dallas Shared Ministries

Over fifty North Dallas congregations in North Dallas are part of North Dallas Shared Ministries. This non-profit charitable outreach provides food, clothes, financial aid, medical care, and other assistance to Dallas residents in select zip codes. Visits must be scheduled in advance. New patient exams, extractions, fillings, and dentures for the elderly are among the services offered. 

Mission East Dallas and MetroPlex Project

Mission East Dallas provides primary medical and dental services, taking insurance and non-insurance patients. Patients can receive gentle dental care from Mission East Dallas' compassionate dentistry team. Routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions, and dentures are among the services. You can receive the dental care you need at a reasonable cost with sliding-scale fees and payment plans. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic, Inc.

Medical and dental services are available for the whole family in this 25,000 square-foot facility in Dallas, TX. This low-income dental services Dallas clinic is open from Monday through Friday, offering short wait times, flexible payment options, discounted rates, and a variety of benefits through our partnerships with local hospitals and organizations

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic

LBU Community Clinic Dental program provides comprehensive low-income dental services Dallas for children aged 17. Their dental staff educates and helps young patients maintain a healthy mouth and treats dental decay. 

Mobile Dental Care

As part of its mission to preserve the quality of life for elderly and homebound patients, Mobile Dental Care provides compassionate, quality dental care. This care is delivered using portable technology and gentle treatment by a team of professionals committed to caring for their patients. Mobile Dental Care offers comprehensive assessments of the senior population, which contribute to the quality of life of nursing facility residents by contributing to a healthier, happier environment.

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