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How To Get A Free Air Conditioner In 2024

Written by: Robert Taylor
Last updated: January 30, 2024

Government assistance programs and local charities provide free air conditioners to low-income families. When applying for help from a charity organization, the availability of this service depends on the funding levels or what has been donated and what is the applicant's household size. The government or a nearby charity may be able to provide a free air conditioner for low income families 2024.

Cooling Assistance Benefit – HEAP Program

Assistive programs from the Federal and State Governments may pay for the installation of a free air conditioning system or repairs to an air conditioning unit, whether it’s a central system or window unit. The Cooling Assistance Benefit can be used to purchase and install air conditioners or fans to keep your home cool if you qualify.

The provision of a fan will be made if an air conditioner can’t be installed safely. We are only providing one air conditioner or a fan per household, with an installation fee of no more than $800. No further cash benefits are provided through the HEAP program.

Eligibility Requirements

HEAP Cooling Assistance may be available to eligible households if:

  • Your household’s gross monthly income meets or falls below the income guidelines, or
  • If you are a recipient of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or
  • Temporary Assistance (TA) is being provided to you, or
  • If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone) code A, and
  • If you and all the members of your household are citizens or qualified aliens, and
  • Those who suffer from a documented medical condition that is exacerbated by heat, and
  • The amount of your Regular benefit for the current program year was greater than $21 or you live in government-subsidized housing with heat included in your rent; and
  • If your air conditioner does not work or is older than five years, and
  • In the past five years, you did not receive HEAP funding for an air conditioner.
  • An application must be filed with your local department of social services, all documentation must be provided, and the household must reside in a qualifying situation.

Getting the air conditioner installed

The HEAP Participating Vendor List contains the HVAC vendors who are participating in HEAP. Choose “Cooling” as the fuel type, then select your county of residence. Maintenance of the air conditioner will fall to you. This includes removing, covering, storing, and/or reinstalling the unit after vendor installation.

Where to apply

You can apply for Cooling Assistance with your HEAP Local District Contact.

How To Get A Free Air Conditioner In 2023


If you need assistance paying for air conditioning, your local church may be able to help. Churches can offer free air conditioner for low income households 2024 to those in need. Charitable donors often donate money and materials to help others, especially senior citizens.

You may also find free air conditioners in these resources. Additionally, you can seek financial assistance from your local church. Financial assistance for air conditioning may be possible if funds are available. You may, however, be referred to another local organization that can provide assistance. Attending a few sermons will enable you to earn the required AC units.

Thrift Stores

Thrift shops in your county or city may offer financial assistance when it comes to paying for air conditioning. The most recent air conditioning models will often be available at thrift stores. They may need to replace them after a while with newer models. Some of their older resources are donated to nonprofits while others are discarded.

You can check your local thrift store to see if they have any unused air conditioners. You can get a free air conditioner for low income families 2024 this way. They will ask you to go down to the source if they have the needed resource. They might also be able to refer you to another thrift store that might be able to help if they cannot provide you with financial assistance.

Energy Star Tax Credit

An understanding of the Energy Star Tax Credits’ role as a grant for air conditioners is critical. You can, however, receive free air conditioners with the credit. If you purchase an air conditioner, you receive a discount of 10%. Under this free air conditioner for low income families 2024 program, you are eligible to receive between $50 and $300. Sometimes, you can apply for up to $500 if there is a true need, but only if you meet certain criteria.

With this tax rebate program, you can get financial assistance for your air conditioning system, minus the taxes you have paid over the years. The grants are available for qualified air conditioning systems and HVAC units that are Energy Star certified. On the government’s website, you can find an application form and the necessary documents for applying for the free AC units.

You simply need to wait for their response after you submit your application for air conditioning grants. If you are approved for the air conditioning grants, you will be contacted by the agency.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Currently, the US Department of Energy is providing free air conditioners to low-income families through the Weatherization Assistance Program. This government program assists with the weatherization of low-income homes. Keeping household management costs down can be accomplished by stabilizing your home’s environment.

To receive a free weatherization unit, you must contact your local weatherization agency. Your request for grant funding for air conditioning would require an application form. The form should take less than twenty minutes to complete.

Your application will be reviewed by the agency after you have submitted it. You will be given the required free air conditioner if you meet all their criteria.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

A famous non-profit charity organization that offers free air conditioning units is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The organization works on a national and international level to assist needy citizens in any way it can. Besides providing free air conditioners for medical reasons and the disabled, this non-profit charity organization also provides free ac units for less fortunate families and low-income individuals.

Families suffering from both heat and housing issues, such as families living in a house that is too small in comparison to their needs and without air conditioning in the scorching heat of the United States, are the most eligible to receive free air conditioning units from the organization.

Documents such as ID proofs and other documents are all you need to apply to these programs. When you submit the required documentation (a list of which can be found on the official website or at the nearest office of the organization) along with the application, you will be scheduled for an interview to determine whether you are eligible. Upon finding you eligible, the required help will be provided for the free air conditioning unit. There can be no more than two applications from the same family. Each house can receive only one free unit.


While Craigslist may seem like an unusual place to look for free air conditioner units for the disabled or free air conditioners for medical reasons, it has proven very useful during crisis times for many less fortunate and lower-income individuals and families. People unfamiliar with Craigslist should know that it is an online platform that brings community members and society members closer together.

They post advertisements on these platforms for appliances and furniture that they no longer need, and needy citizens find them on these platforms as they are available at affordable prices or for free. To get through all the offers and programs that the sellers have to offer, you would have to have a keen eye for it and patience. In addition, if your negotiation skills are on point, you may be able to get free air conditioners.

Interested in more ways to secure a free air conditioner this year? Dive into the benefits and eligibility criteria of getting a free air conditioner from HEAP in our detailed blog post.

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