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How To Sue a Government Entity for a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

When talking about a motorcycle accident, most people usually have a common opinion about the accident. One of the riders or drivers involved in the accident was careless or guilty, which is understandable as it is the case mostly. However, sometimes neither the victim nor the other driver is at fault. In rare cases, the accident turns out to be the fault of the government entity that was supposed to make the road safer. The accident was caused due to uneven surfaces, loose gravel, and not enough signs or potholes on the road, which led to a terrible fall and severe injuries. Most victims of such incidents feel unlucky or as though they can't do anything, which is incorrect. The laws apply to government representatives as well. Click here to learn more about such cases and how different government entities can be held liable for the accident. 

Here is how you can sue a government entity for a motorcycle accident:

Strong Legal Representation

When you've decided to file a lawsuit against a government entity in a motorcycle accident, you must require strong legal representation. Since the government is involved, your preparation must be flawless and concrete. Hiring a well-experienced attorney can be a difference. The lawyer will gather all the relevant evidence required to prove liability, such as photos of the scene, statements of officials and witnesses, and other such proofs. It's for the best that the lawyer handles all the settlement and communications with the officials and their insurers for you.

Claim Compensation for All the Involved Parties

Let's say another driver on the road hits you due to the uncertain condition of the road, then the insurer of the driver will be responsible for compensating you for the damages along with the liable government entity. So, to ensure you get the maximum compensation for the accident from every source, you must hire an attorney that knows exactly who should and how much should be paid to you.  

File a Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit against a government entity can be more complex than a normal injury case. Certain steps must be followed before you file a lawsuit. Within 2 years of the accident, you must file a case to the entity responsible with the details regarding the accident accompanied by pieces of evidence that prove the liability. You must acknowledge the response from the government entity, and if they fail to compensate you for your claim, then within six months of receiving the response, you must file a lawsuit against the responsible party. It's best if you have an attorney to consult regarding the situation and possible outcomes. Having a legal attorney by your side, the case might be settled faster and without any complications.

Whether it is a common person or a government representative, the laws are equal and applicable to all. Anyone can be held accountable for liability and causing harm to others regardless of their affiliations. It's understandable to think that going against government entities is a lost battle. However, with the right legal presentation and irrefutable evidence, there have been cases where the government has paid millions in damages and restitution. 

Jody Adams
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