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Navigating The Peaks And Troughs: Northern Mariana Islands' ACP Claim Amounts Hit $140,504 High In 2022

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Initial Peak: January 2022 saw the highest claim amount at $140,504.


Early Stability: February and March 2022 maintained stable claim amounts around $85,000.


Mid-2022 Variability: Notable fluctuations in claim amounts occurred in mid-2022, especially in May and June.


End-Of-Year Decline: Late 2022, particularly October and November, experienced a significant drop in claim amounts.


Lowest Point: November 2022 marked the period's lowest claim amount at $74,782.


Post-November Recovery: A consistent upward trend in claim amounts was observed post-November 2022.


2023 Stabilization: Early to mid-2023 witnessed a stabilization of claim amounts, close to $95,000.


June 2023 Peak: A peak in June 2023 with $97,811 before a slight decline.


August 2023 Plateau: Claim amounts stabilized at $100,163 in August 2023.


Overall Decline: A year-over-year decrease is evident when comparing January 2022 to August 2023.


Mid-Year Changeability: 2022 was marked by considerable mid-year variability in claim amounts.


Consistent Recovery Trend: After November 2022's low, there was a steady increase in claim amounts.


Comparative Extremes: The highest claim amount was in January 2022 ($140,504), and the lowest in November 2022 ($74,782).


End Period Stability: The final months showed a remarkable stabilization of claim amounts around $100,000.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) in the Northern Mariana Islands represents a crucial aspect of ensuring equitable access to communication services. This program, aimed at providing subsidized connectivity to underserved communities, has seen significant fluctuations in claim amounts over the period from January 2022 to August 2023. 

Understanding these trends is vital, not only for policymakers and stakeholders in the telecommunication sector but also for the broader community that relies on these services. This analysis takes an in-depth look at ACP claim amount trends in the Northern Mariana Islands, highlighting a notable peak of $140,504 in January 2022.

Fast Facts

Northern Mariana Islands’ ACP claims saw a significant decline to $74,782 in November 2022, before recovering and stabilization at $100,163 by August 2023.

Month-By-Month Comparison To August 2023

Analyzing the monthly trends in ACP claim amounts provides insightful perspectives on the dynamics of connectivity needs needs and the efficacy of the program in the Northern Mariana Islands. The month-by-month comparison with August 2023 helps in understanding these changing dynamics:

  • January 2022: The start of 2022 marked a high point in claim amounts, significantly higher than in August 2023.
  • February To April 2022: This period exhibited a gradual increase in claim amounts, indicating a growing need for connectivity support.
  • May To July 2022: Mid-2022 saw fluctuations but maintained higher claim amounts than early 2022, reflecting varying levels of program outreach or changes in community needs.
  • August To December 2022: A notable drop in claim amounts was observed, with November recording the lowest, possibly indicating a change in eligibility criteria or reduced need.
  • January To July 2023: This period marked a recovery and stabilization in claim amounts, with a steady climb towards the August 2023 figures.

Early 2022: Stability And The Initial Peak

Mariana Islands ACP Claims - Claim Growth Jan 2022 - Aug 2023

Initial Peak In January 2022

The year 2022 began with a significant high in the Affordable Connectivity Program claim amounts in the Northern Mariana Islands. This peak is a critical indicator of the program's impact and reach at the start of the year.

  • Fact: The claim amount in January 2022 reached a high of $140,504, the highest in the entire period under review.

Early Stability: February And March 2022

Following the initial peak, February and March of 2022 showcased a period of stability in claim amounts, reflecting a steady demand for connectivity services.

  • Fact: Claim amounts in February and March 2022 hovered around $85,000, indicating consistent utilization of the ACP during these months.

Mid-2022 Variability

The middle months of 2022 witnessed notable fluctuations in claim amounts, highlighting the dynamic nature of the program's utilization.

  • Fact: May and June of 2022 showed significant variability, with claim amounts oscillating but remaining higher than those in early 2022.

Late 2022: A Period Of Decline

End-Of-Year Decline

As 2022 progressed towards its final quarter, a marked decrease in claim amounts was observed, possibly reflecting changes in program uptake or modifications in policy.

  • Fact: October and November 2022 saw a significant drop in claim amounts, suggesting alterations in program engagement or eligibility.

The Lowest Point In November 2022

November 2022 stands out as the month with the lowest claim amount within the period under analysis, signifying a critical point in the ACP's trajectory.

  • Fact: The claim amount in November 2022 plummeted to $74,782, the lowest in the entire period.

Post-November Recovery

After the sharp decline in November, there was a noticeable recovery in claim amounts, showcasing the resilience and ongoing relevance of the ACP.

  • Fact: Starting from December 2022, there was a consistent upward trend in claim amounts, indicating a revival in program engagement.

Early To Mid-2023: Stabilization Of Claim Amounts

2023 Stabilization

The year 2023 witnessed a period of stabilization in claim amounts, a positive sign of the program's steady impact and effective management.

  • Fact: Early to mid-2023 saw claim amounts stabilize around $95,000, marking a period of relative consistency in the program's utilization.

Mid-2023: Peaks And Plateaus

June 2023 Peak

June 2023 marked a significant peak in claim amounts, reflecting a possible surge in the program's demand or enhanced outreach efforts.

  • Fact: In June 2023, the claim amount reached $97,811, surpassing the final August 2023 figure and indicating a temporary spike in demand.

August 2023 Plateau

As the period under review concludes, August 2023 shows a stabilization in claim amounts, suggesting an equilibrium in the program's utilization and effectiveness.

  • Fact: Claim amounts in August 2023 stabilized at $100,163, showing a plateau that suggests a balance between the program's reach and the community's needs.

Year-Over-Year Analysis

Overall Decline: January 2022 To August 2023

A comparative year-over-year analysis reveals a general decline in claim amounts from the start of 2022 to August 2023, providing insights into the program's long-term trends.

  • Fact: Comparing January 2022 to August 2023, there is an overall decrease in claim amounts, highlighting changes in either the program's scope or community needs.

Mid-Year Changeability In 2022

The year 2022 was characterized by considerable mid-year variability in claim amounts, indicating shifts in the program's dynamics throughout the year.

  • Fact: The mid-year period of 2022 showed notable fluctuations in claim amounts, reflecting changes in community engagement or program policy.

The Recovery And Stabilization Trend

Consistent Recovery Post-November 2022

Following the lowest point in November 2022, a consistent recovery trend in claim amounts was observed, showcasing the ACP's adaptability and ongoing relevance.

  • Fact: After the low in November 2022, there was a steady increase in claim amounts, demonstrating the program's capacity to bounce back and adapt to changing needs.

Comparative Extremes: Highest And Lowest Amounts

The comparison of the highest and lowest claim amounts within the period provides a stark contrast that underscores the program's fluctuating nature.

  • Fact: The highest claim amount occurred in January 2022 ($140,504), contrasting sharply with the lowest in November 2022 ($74,782).

End Period Stability

The final months of the period under review showed remarkable stability in claim amounts, indicating a potential maturation of the program and its processes.

  • Fact: The concluding months of the period displayed a stabilization of claim amounts around $100,000, suggesting a harmonization between the ACP's offerings and the community's needs.

Analyzing Northern Mariana Islands’ ACP Claim Trends

The journey of the Affordable Connectivity Program in the Northern Mariana Islands from January 2022 to August 2023 paints a vivid picture of fluctuating demand, policy impacts, and community engagement. The initial peak in January 2022, the mid-year variability, the significant dip towards the end of 2022, followed by a steady recovery and eventual stabilization, all reflect the dynamic interplay between the program's provisions and the evolving needs of the community it serves. 

This analysis not only offers valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders but also underscores the importance of adaptive strategies in managing public programs to effectively meet the changing needs of communities. The ACP's trajectory in the Northern Mariana Islands is a testament to the ongoing effort to bridge digital divides and ensure equitable access to essential communication services.

Read more about the difference between ACP and Lifeline when selecting affordable internet connectivity from our resources at Gov Relations.

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