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Top 10 Law Bloggers to Ask Them for Assistance in 2024

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: March 25, 2024

Not everyone retains a lawyer, mainly due to the high cost. Moreover, even if a brand can afford it, it may face an unpleasant surprise if its retained lawyers lack expertise in the required legal area. This is where top law bloggers come in handy. Here you will find the best legal blogs to read and the best bloggers who know their stuff.

Top 10 Law Bloggers

1. ABA Journal

If there's only enough time to read one blog on the list, the ABA Journal is highly recommended. Produced by the American Bar Association, it is widely recognized within the legal industry. Numerous renowned attorneys from top-tier law firms regularly contribute to the extensive collection of over 4,000 legal expert blogs.

Also, keep an eye out for articles from emerging legal talents that provide a fresh perspective and insightful commentary. The ABA Journal is a trusted resource that attracts over half a million legal professionals every month. Additionally, the website features a directory of legal communities.

2. LexBlog

With a robust community of over 25,000 contributors, LexBlog showcases the brilliance of legal minds across the nation. It strives to curate an empowering environment that spotlights the profound insights and unwavering dedication of the industry's most industrious legal professionals. As one of the prominent legal blogs, it covers a wide range of topics and delivers real-time news updates.

For those looking to start their journey in legal blogging, LexBlog offers invaluable advice and guidance. Attorneys seeking to enhance their social media presence can find actionable tips that truly make a difference. The contributors hail from the top 200 firms nationwide, including managing partners and rising stars.

If any of the online legal services or blogs are not available in your country, use a VPN. With it, you can access any content around the world, as well as get unbanned from Omegle, change the server on Steam, unblock the library on Netflix, and more. If you need a good service, try VeePN, it has a free trial version.

3. JDSupra

This user-centered blog categorizes its content into three sections: personal matters, small business, and corporate, ensuring that readers are well-served. Leading business experts post daily, offering insights into the dynamic relationship between business and the law.

Readers can explore a wide range of topics, including mandatory vaccinations in the healthcare industry, cannabis banking, blockchain regulation, NFTs, and more.

4. In-House Ops

Law Business Media launched their blog with a mission to provide valuable information for practicing general counsel lawyers. The company collaborates closely with leaders from global legal departments to curate expert and insightful content for their readers.

Their articles encompass a wide range of topics including career development, procurement, law department administration, and technology for in-house legal practitioners.

5. Legal Desire

This beautifully-designed website presents a diverse array of global content, curated by contributors hailing from over 350 law firms. Users can explore profiles of individuals from various legal backgrounds, ranging from up-and-coming talents to distinguished legal experts and attorneys actively involved in groundbreaking cases.

Moreover, the platform serves as an excellent networking tool, offering a comprehensive calendar of networking events and upcoming conferences both domestically and internationally.

6. Uptime Practice

Find an extensive analysis of the latest trends in running a practice and actionable tips for both small/solo firms and larger law practices. It is a valuable resource for attorneys looking to establish a boutique firm, providing top-notch advice and techniques. This includes utilizing LMP software effectively, selecting the best programs for law firm accounting, ensuring secure cloud usage, and much more.

7. Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer assists legal professionals in optimizing their practice through specialized technology. The blog's articles encompass product demonstrations, in-depth feature-benefit evaluations, and coverage of legal technology conferences. It is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive blogs in the field of legal technology, providing participants from around the world with supplementary learning opportunities.

8. Law360

Law360 is a trusted source for daily legal news, with over 1.5 million loyal newsletter subscribers. Business leaders, government officials, legal professionals, and individuals interested in legal developments can rely on Law360 to provide swift coverage of events, usually within 24 hours. You may need an online VPN to access your blog, but it's worth it. Its wide range of topics includes securities, employment, and intellectual property.

9. ABA Techshow

ABA Techshow is a friendly annual conference focused on legal technology. Attendees can expect a unique experience filled with new product launches, software reviews, and helpful tech tips. Legal practitioners will find valuable insights on law firm social media engagement, cybersecurity, as well as legal marketing strategies when they visit the affiliate blog and website.

10. JD Journal

JD Journal, supported by the Employment Research Institute, is powered by its parent company. The platform offers valuable insights into the field of law and the job market, which are seamlessly integrated into their articles covering recent legal news.

The news section catered to law students is particularly remarkable, providing expert advice, guidance, and actionable tips. With a focus on employment, JD Journal showcases the best energy firms to work for, as well as the career profiles of renowned lawyers.


The legal industry is constantly changing, and the best way to stay up to date on relevant topics is by reading some of the best legal blogs. As you can see from this list, there are many informative and insightful sources available for readers looking to learn more about current affairs in the world of law. From top-tier publications like Law360 to niche platforms designed for small companies - everyone will find the answer to their question.

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