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How To Apply For Spectrum Internet's ACP Program

Written by: Ryan Reid
Last updated: April 22, 2024

The U.S. government's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) helps low-income families pay for the internet.


Spectrum Internet can be used for bundled services, including broadband, telephone, and texting.


Almost 1 out of 4 people with less money have had to stop or use less internet because it's too expensive.[1]


There are over 20 million Affordable Connectivity Program enrollees across the US.[2]


There are over 20 million Affordable Connectivity Program enrollees across the US[3].

Spectrum, with over 32 million customers in the US, offers cable internet plans. It also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to help qualified low-income households afford internet service.

Want to apply for Spectrum Internet's ACP benefit? Here are the steps to do so:

  • Check eligibility
  • Gather documents
  • Contact Spectrum
  • Choose a qualifying plan
  • Complete enrollment

If you want to spend less on the internet, need it for school, or are curious about how Spectrum helps make internet access fair, this guide will help you get online easily.

Fast Facts

Over 14.5 million Americans do not have access to high-speed internet in 2021.

The ACP offers monthly credits to help qualifying households pay for internet service. Your broadband services may be credited with up to $30 per month if you qualify or $75 in cases of tribal lands. Households are limited to one credit per month under the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Spectrum Internet is available to you at no cost via ACP if you qualify for the stimulus Internet credit. You may cancel your internet service or switch to another provider without incurring early termination fees.

The USAC administers ACP on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Find out how Spectrum can save you money on their different internet packages.

How The Affordable Connectivity Program Spectrum Discount Works

What Is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Here's how the ACP can lower your monthly cost for various Spectrum internet plans.

Spectrum Internet 100

Spectrum Internet's ACP program has a $29.99 monthly special deal. It provides fast internet, with:

  • Download speeds of 100 megabits per second
  • Upload speeds of 20 megabits per second

This speed is enough for a family of four to watch movies, make video calls, and stream TV without issues.

If you join this program and pick the $29.99 plan, you'll get a $30 credit each month on your bill, making the internet service basically free. Once you sign up for ACP, you'll see this credit on your next bill, which will be applied to your current month.

The Affordable Connectivity Program provides the following:

  • Free modems
  • Wi-Fi in your home
  • Self-installation

If you use the special price for 2 years, you must pay any costs above $30 each month.

These benefits are essential. Pew Research Center found that almost one out of four low-income people has had to stop using or using less internet because it's too expensive.[1]

Other Spectrum Internet Plans 

All Spectrum Internet plans are still eligible for the ACP program. If your household pays $49.99 monthly for a faster internet plan and you get the $30 monthly credit, your bill can go down to $19.99 monthly. Spectrum Internet can also use this credit for extra costs, like:

  • Setting up the credit
  • Packages with internet, phone, and texting services
  • Even the cost of renting equipment

Connected Devices

Under the ACP program, you can get a discount of up to $100 on devices like laptops, tablets, or desktop computers. This is if you pay a one-time fee of only $10 to $50. Each household can only get this discount once. Note that smartphones and devices just for Wi-Fi or video calls don't get the discount.

Fast Facts

Nearly a quarter of low-income Americans have had to cancel or cut back on their internet service due to financial constraints.

Eligibility Criteria For Spectrum ACP

At least one member of the household must meet one of the following criteria to qualify for this program:

  • Meets the requirements for the Lifeline Program;
  • The household income does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines;
  • Eligible for Spectrum's low-income program;
  • A household member must be eligible for one of the following assistance programs:
    • Medicaid
    • SNAP
    • SSI
    • Section 8 FPHA support
    • Veterans' and Survivors' Pension Benefit
    • Free/reduced-price school lunch/breakfast program
    • Current Federal Pell Grant recipients

Step-By-Step Application Process For Spectrum Affordable Connectivity Program

How To Apply For The Spectrum Affordable Connectivity Program

The Spectrum Affordable Connectivity Program is really easy to apply for. There are only three steps to follow.

  1. Ensure your household is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  2. Get $30 off your monthly internet bill by calling 1-833-660-0447 to sign up for fast internet. If you're already using Spectrum Internet, you can save $30 monthly by calling the same number. Check if you're eligible through the National Verifier. If so, you can easily apply for this discount using Spectrum's online form.
  3. You will receive an email verifying your participation in this program. Visit their website today to see if you are eligible for this program if you intend to switch to Spectrum. The National Verifier application must also be submitted.
  4. With Spectrum home WiFi and high-speed Internet, you can surf and stream without interruptions. You will receive a temporary credit on your account every month.

More than 20 million people in the US are signed up for the Affordable Connectivity Program.[2] Experts think 48 million households could use this program, almost 40% of all homes in the country. But, only 26% of households that could get this help are actually using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about the Spectrum ACP program interested applicants wonder about:

1. Can I qualify if I’m part of the Lifeline program?

Neither the Lifeline nor the ACP excludes you from receiving benefits. If you already have a Lifeline service provider, you can continue receiving benefits. Remember, you must voluntarily enroll in this program through the FCC.

2. Can this credit be applied to existing internet service?

If you are currently subscribed to an Internet provider, you can apply the ACP credit to that provider.

3. How can I ensure I remain eligible for the credit?

Your internet service must be used once every 30 days if enrolled in the ACP. You'll lose your program eligibility and credit if you don't.


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