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Autism Grants For iPads

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: February 29, 2024

When it comes to autistic people, iPads are always thought of since they can be used as assistive devices. iPads are quickly becoming the number one choice for people with special needs, thanks to many apps, including Orientation & Mobility apps and high-tech communication applications. They also have an impressive accessibility feature set. 

Even though iPads are cheaper than some other traditional assistive devices, they are not necessarily affordable! Here are a few tips you can follow if you're trying to raise money to purchase an iPad for your child.

With the Autism iPad grant, children living with autism can communicate and learn. People with autism have difficulty expressing their emotions and forming words and suffer from communication difficulties. Through these iPad grants for autism, children with autism can take advantage of greater opportunities to improve their cognitive and communication skills.

iPads have revolutionized communications and opened up avenues for autistic children. Children with autism can put words and symbols together to create sentences, thanks to iPad apps for autism. These apps are easy to use, portable, give voice to the voiceless, and allow children to express their ideas. Special education classrooms and individuals are eligible for autism iPad grants to support communication and learning among autistic children.

Benefits Of Using iPads For Autism

Autism is a condition where a child lives in an imaginary world rather than one based on words. Children with disabilities use iPads as assistive devices to create a story or sentence using images. With this program, children can practice communicating with their parents and instructors without feeling frustrated.

The iPad has remarkable features, making it an ideal device for children with autism. Special needs children benefit from autism iPad grants. It is important to understand the benefits of using the iPad for learning before applying for grants.

Increased Opportunities 

iPads are similar to books. The available apps allow children with little communication skills to display their choices and feelings through phrases or pictures. iPads can also assist them with learning the alphabet and the sounds of words.


There is no need to use a stylus or mouse with the touch screen controls. Children can learn at their own pace.


The device allows a child to enjoy independent learning and leisure time while being easy and lightweight.

Excellent Apps 

Many iPad apps are easy to organize, access, and predict. They enable autistic students to focus on specific topics.

Easy to Customize 

Children with disabilities can use this device without moving their eyes from a keyboard to a screen because it has been customized. Children who have difficulty seeing can use a touch screen.

The only disadvantage of the iPad is its price. The parents of autistic children can expect to pay between $400 and over $800 for an iPad. 

Where to Apply?

iPad grants for autism have been hailed as a valuable tool for autistic children by members of the autism community. Thus, the autism iPad grant is intended to provide iPads to children with autism. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, the following are some iPad grants for autism available to you.

Autism Care Today

Autism Care Today assists families in the United States with funding assistance every quarter. Grants like these provide access to people with autism spectrum disorders and their families. The Autism Care Today organization has helped more than 1,562 families since 2005 and provided more than $1.85 million in iPad grants for autism.

Families with autistic children throughout the United States can apply for Autism Care Today grants between $100 and $5,000 each quarter.

Danny’s Wish Foundation

The Danny's Wish iPads for Autism Campaign provides free iPads to families of nonverbal children with autism as part of their mission to enhance children's lives through life-enhancing resources. The support and efforts of generous donors have already helped Danny's Wish provide thousands upon thousands of iPads to children who need speech and communication. 

Autistic children can communicate with friends and family on the iPad for the first time, thanks to available applications. They accept submissions only between September 1st and December 31st of each calendar year. A confirmation email is sent to applicants who have been approved. To award iPads to the next group of applicants.

ASDF – iPad For Kids Program

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation supports children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. This organization provides education, information, and financial assistance to address autism issues. With its iPad For Kids Program, ASDF donates this amazing tool to autistic children to help them learn and communicate better.

Autistic people have trouble communicating verbally and nonverbally. There are mild to severe forms of autism, but individuals with autism find it difficult to express their feelings, form words and communicate generally. Historically, therapists or caregivers used hand-laminated picture cards to break down the communication barrier, but these cards weren't effective outside of that group. As for earlier, equipment to encourage autistic children to communicate was primarily useful in therapy since it was bulky, heavy, and expensive.

The iPad For Kids Program has revolutionized communication and broken down communication barriers for children on the spectrum. iPads provide a voice for the voiceless autistic children. Children with autism can use iPad apps to put words and symbols together and even compose sentences using images. Their mobility is also considerable. As part of ASDF's offer to help nonverbal autistic children with communication and learning, iPads are donated to individuals and special education classrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of providing iPads to individuals with autism?

iPads and other assistive technology devices can be highly beneficial for individuals with autism, as they can help improve communication, social skills, and learning experiences. Many apps and tools specifically designed for autism can be accessed on iPads, making them a versatile and valuable resource.

Can I apply for a grant to buy an iPad for my child with autism?

Many organizations offer financial assistance or grants to families affected by autism. While some grants are specifically for iPads, others offer general financial assistance that can be used to purchase assistive technology devices, including iPads. Examples of such organizations include the National Autism Association's Helping Hand Program and Autism Speaks.

Are there any organizations that specifically provide iPads for children with autism?

Yes, organizations such as the iTaalk Autism Foundation, The Puzzling Piece, and Danny's Wish have programs that focus on providing iPads to children with autism. These organizations often target children with limited or no speech and those from families with financial constraints.

How do I find local resources and programs that provide iPads for individuals with autism?

You can start by contacting local autism support organizations, advocacy groups, and school districts to inquire about available grant programs or resources. You can also check the resource guide provided by Autism Speaks, which lists local, state, and national resources for families affected by autism.

Are there any specific apps or tools designed for individuals with autism that can be used on iPads?

Yes, there are numerous apps and tools specifically designed for individuals with autism that can be used on iPads. These apps target various aspects of autism, such as communication, social skills, organization, and education. Examples include Proloquo2Go, Social Stories Creator, First-Then Visual Schedule, and Autism iHelp.

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