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Churches And Charities That Help The Homeless

Written by: Dane Groves
Last updated: November 2, 2023

Homelessness is a very grave situation that hundreds of thousands of people face all over the US. Besides the churches that help homeless citizens with food and shelter, some charities play a significant role in assisting homeless citizens with their everyday needs. They help the homeless with nice meals and decent housing. The following entities help the homeless get a roof over their heads.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a non-profit charity organization that offers housing assistance programs to those in need, specifically the poor, needy, seniors, veterans, low-income individuals, and the homeless. It is America’s one of the largest organizations known for providing timely help to the less fortunate. The organization offers a wide range of housing and rehabilitation programs that benefit thousands of citizens every year.

These programs are divided into the following categories, and people are directed towards them accordingly after listening to their problems. 

Homeless Shelters

The Salvation Army’s homeless shelters offer immediate assistance to homeless citizens in their times of crisis. When one is evicted suddenly, they might not have a place to live, and in that moment of helplessness, the Salvation Army’s Homeless Shelters save you from becoming homeless.

All you would have to do in such times is to look up the organizations that help homeless people or directly visit the official website of the Salvation Army and look for the nearest homeless shelters administered by them in your area of residence or wherever you wish to stay. The Salvation Army’s homeless shelters offer immediate assistance to homeless citizens.

Transitional Housing

Often one needs to move out of their house temporarily due to the renovation of their house or because of a pest infestation. They might also be shifting to a new location, due to which they are rendered temporarily homeless. This is when the Salvation Army’s transitional housing program offers temporary housing options to such people who have nowhere else to go.

Permanent Supportive Housing

The Permanent Supportive Housing program offers lifetime housing facilities to eligible applicants. Senior citizens with low income and other low-income families and individuals often apply to this program. 

Presbyterian Mission

The Presbyterian Mission is a faith-based organization that helps the homeless. It assists the community in getting rid of homelessness and hunger issues. This organization has different compartmentalized ministries that ensure that the volunteers can work in the shelters near their area of residence. Benevolent community citizens fund them, which are used to enhance the living conditions of the homeless and the needy.

Their programs provide transitional housing and affordable housing options that offer safe shelters that comfortably accommodate the applicants and families. The Presbyterian Mission collaborates with other organizations such as the National Coalition for the Homeless, Missoula Interfaith Collaborative based in Montana, Beloved Asheville, and Washington Interfaith Network that help the homeless. 

These organizations might be location-based, which means only citizens residing in these areas or areas surrounding these locations would be eligible to avail of the benefits of the programs offered by these organizations. Hence, if the parent organization cannot assist you, they recommend you to the sister organizations and get you the help you need.

Centenary Community Ministries, Inc.

Centenary Community Ministries, Inc. is a church that assists homeless citizens by fulfilling their needs. They offer housing and food assistance like other churches that help the homeless. Still, one unique thing about this religious organization is that it also assists homeless citizens in getting financial assistance. They can use this financial assistance to pay rent or submit it as the first month’s rent and deposit. This is yet another effective way to curb homelessness. However, they will make sure that their money is only used to establish housing and not for other purposes. 

Another benefit of applying to this organization is that you might also become eligible for stimulus checks from the federal government. The volunteers at the organization will assist you in preparing your tax forms and applications so that you can apply for these stimulus checks offered by the federal government. 

National Alliance to End Homelessness

In the United States, the National Alliance to End Homelessness sets the gold standard for how charity can support homeless people. Putting an end to homelessness is its only mission. The Alliance uses research and data to develop policies and resources that ensure its mission by applying research and data on a federal and local level. 

The National Alliance to End Homelessness was founded in 1983 and has long challenged the state to develop plans to end homelessness. More than 10,000 public and private groups are associated with the Alliance nationally. The Alliance is dedicated to eliminating homelessness on a national scale. 

As a homeless advocacy organization, the Alliance has long advocated for the rights of the homeless. By communicating directly with policymakers, the Alliance advocates for the rights of the homeless. A notable example of the Alliance's impact occurred in 2000 when the federal government adopted the Alliance's plan to end homelessness. Housing provision, data collection, and homelessness management systems were significantly changed due to the action. 

There are no kinks in the Alliance's method. Using three approaches ensures it can measure its impact. It begins by conducting research and building knowledge. This data is then made public. After that, it works to improve policy. This helps lawmakers develop policies that promote solutions. Lastly, it offers communities training, technical advice, and tools.

Coalition for the Homeless

A national homeless organization based in New York, Coalition for the Homeless, has been operating for more than 50 years. They have impressive statistics. Since its inception, more than 1 million New Yorkers have benefited from this program. Every day, it provides food to over 3,500 homeless New Yorkers, serving between 800 and 1200 meals 365 days a year.

There are eleven components to the Coalition. About 1,000 homeless people are served by the Grand Central Food Program every day, and those in the most need can access additional benefits and services. Additionally, it offers programs such as the Eviction Prevention Program, which provides one-time grants to help people living in danger of being evicted. 

Every year, 11,000 homeless people are assisted by the Crisis Intervention Program. Those in need of shelter are connected to counseling, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services through the program. Residents of long-term shelters with mental or physical disabilities can access temporary housing and government benefits through the Coalition. 

Children affected by homelessness can also receive assistance through programs. There are summer camps and educational programs to prevent homeless kids from falling behind their peers. Additionally, graduate programs are available to help vulnerable youth make their way into the workforce. 

In addition to the programs it offers and the daily work that directly impacts the lives of the most vulnerable adults in New York, the Coalition for the Homeless earns our approval and high ratings. The Coalition offers direct assistance to homeless individuals, offering advocacy programs to address systemic problems.

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Homeless people can benefit from the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless' advocacy and empowerment efforts. Families, youth, former offenders, and low-income workers affected by homelessness can rely on the expertise of public policy experts, legal aid attorneys, and community organizers.

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless approaches homelessness from a variety of perspectives. In addition to the Bring Chicago Home and Law Project, it offers a range of programs. It holds outreach sessions in schools, shelters, and communication events 50 times a month. The organization advocates for a change in state policy and gives homeless individuals the opportunity to be advocates themselves. The Coalition's efforts cannot be overstated toward achieving enduring systemic change.

Through its Bring Chicago Home campaign, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless campaigned tirelessly throughout the last year. Using the program, close to 90,000 homeless people in Chicago would benefit from a solution to homelessness that generates $100 million a year. 

Low- and no-income clients with pressing needs can also obtain legal advice and representation from the Law Project. The Law Project has closed 848 cases so far this year. There were 315 cases closed involving youth clients without guardianship or family support. 

According to an annual report, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless provides significant services to vulnerable and homeless individuals. 

National Homelessness Law Center

As a small yet powerful organization that advocates for homeless people's rights, the National Homelessness Law Centre is uniquely positioned to ensure the courts hear their needs. Since 1989, it has been the only legal organization that aims to prevent and end homelessness. Over 3.5 million homeless people are assisted by its programs, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexuality.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of the law center's work. Look at its victory over the United States Court of Appeals in 2018. People were being criminalized for sleeping in public areas. As a result of the work of the National Homelessness Law Center, the Court of Appeals ruled that punishing the homeless for sleeping in public was cruel and unusual when there were no alternatives. 

We are committed to reforming society's broken systems at the National Homeless Law Centre. Homelessness was advocated for in the Homeless Bill of Rights to prevent its criminalization. It also advocates for at-risk groups, such as women who are victims of domestic violence and tenants in foreclosure danger. In the end, this is a mighty organization despite its relatively small size. The benefits of the work will be passed along to future generations.

Depaul USA

Depaul USA is an affiliate of the Depaul International Charity, an organization operating in Europe and the United States, named for St Vincent Depaul, a monk renowned for his compassionate work assisting the impoverished. 

Depending on the region's needs, Depaul USA responds to homelessness issues. The company has six locations, including Chicago, Little Rock, Macon, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. That are a lot of locations and needs that it covers. It is no surprise that it provides seventeen programs to help youth and adults.

It offers housing, healthcare, and emergency services to men and women who are homeless. Depaul USA established the DAX Program in response to homelessness among college students. The DAX Program provides housing, stipends, transportation, and even textbook assistance in Chicago and Philadelphia. 

The organization also provides permanent housing support to vulnerable individuals aged 18-24. The program provides young people with resources and aims to make them independent community members.  


Streetwise exists to provide homeless people with a means to support themselves by selling magazines. The strength of Streetwise is that vendors are empowered. Because they lack an address or are in dire straits, many homeless people cannot find employment through the magazine—those who would like to sell Streetwise need not worry about that.

Profits from selling the magazine allow vendors to cover their rent, buy food and clothing, and even save money. By giving vendors dignity and the ability to live a better life, the magazine transforms the lives of its vendors. In addition to building bridges for communities, Streetwise also provides an important service. In vendors' experience, homelessness perceptions shift as they meet fellow citizens and establish relationships. 

It takes a lot of work to be a Streetwise vendor. Each vendor is self-employed and responsible for their own business. But Streetwise goes beyond that. In its S.T.E.P to Employment program, individuals are prepared to enter the world of work and become economically independent. Streetwise appeals to us because it provides straightforward solutions to complex problems. This program directly impacts vendors' lives and supports their transition from homelessness to stability. This model is an excellent example of how charities can be most effective in helping the homeless.

Abode Services

Lastly, Abode Services is another charity supporting homeless people. While so many gold-star homeless charities are operating nationally and internationally, Abode stands out for the glowing testimonials it receives from Great Nonprofits. 

Abode Services and individuals who have received assistance from Abode provide powerful testimony. This organization saves lives by assisting the most vulnerable. Charity is driven by compassion, dedication, commitment, and dedication. These are the attributes of Abode Services. 

Over 8,000 homeless and vulnerable individuals benefit from Abode's services in the Bay Area. We would rather focus on a specific area of Abode's work than on the number of lives they have touched.

Homeless people must go through steps before entering permanent, secure housing. Frequently, homeless people get trapped in a cycle of being unable to find permanent housing if they fail to meet even one of the housing readiness steps. 

Abode Services, on the other hand, emphasizes housing first. In this method, homeless people are placed into secure, permanent housing and then assisted in the way they need. People can be helped with finding employment, receiving medical or psychological care, or managing their landlord relationships.

If you need help traveling back to your family, visit this page to see charities and churches that help with bus tickets.

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