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Does Panda Express Take EBT?

Written by: Dulcie Akers
Last updated: February 22, 2024

Panda Express's acceptance of EBT is not uniform across all locations and largely depends on participation in state-specific Restaurant Meals Programs, catering to SNAP recipients who may not be able to prepare their own meals.[1]


Certain states offer Restaurant Meals Programs that allow the elderly, disabled, and homeless to use their SNAP benefits to purchase hot, prepared foods at participating restaurants, including potentially some Panda Express locations.


To find out if a Panda Express location accepts EBT, it's recommended to call the restaurant directly, consult state SNAP websites, or use the SNAP Retailer Locator tool provided by the USDA.[2]


For those in areas where Panda Express does not accept EBT, alternatives include grocery store prepared foods, other RMP-participating fast-food restaurants, farmers markets, community kitchens, and DIY meal kits, offering a variety of ways to utilize SNAP benefits.

In the landscape of fast-food dining, the question of whether major chains accept EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is increasingly pertinent for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) recipients. "Does Panda Express take EBT?" emerges as a common inquiry among those looking to enjoy its popular Chinese-American cuisine while utilizing its benefits. 

This article aims to shed light on Panda Express's EBT acceptance, exploring the nuances of SNAP eligibility, what items might be purchasable with EBT, and any pertinent restrictions or considerations for patrons aiming to use their benefits at Panda Express locations.

Does Panda Express Take EBT?

Panda Express, known for its Chinese-American cuisine, does not universally accept EBT payments at all its locations. The acceptance of EBT at Panda Express largely depends on the restaurant's participation in state-specific programs that allow SNAP recipients to use their benefits for hot, prepared foods. This is an exception rather than the rule, as EBT is typically restricted to purchasing groceries and not prepared food.

State-Specific Restaurant Meals Programs

While the general rule for EBT is its limitation to groceries rather than hot, prepared meals, some states offer Restaurant Meals Programs (RMP) that expand the usability of SNAP benefits. These programs are designed to assist individuals who may not have the means to prepare their own meals, such as the elderly, disabled, and homeless. Under RMP, participating restaurants, possibly including some Panda Express locations, can accept EBT for qualifying purchases. It's important for SNAP recipients to verify which states and specific Panda Express outlets participate in these programs.[1]

How to Check EBT Eligibility at Panda Express

Fast Facts

If a Panda Express participates in the RMP, SNAP recipients can purchase hot, prepared foods like Orange Chicken, Fried Rice, and more, depending on the specific rules of the state's RMP.

Determining if a specific Panda Express location accepts EBT through the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) requires a bit of research, as participation can vary widely based on location and state regulations. Here are steps to check EBT eligibility at Panda Express:

  • Call the Restaurant: The most straightforward method is to directly call the Panda Express location you plan to visit and ask if they accept EBT. This can save time and ensure you have the most current information.

  • State SNAP Websites: Many state SNAP websites provide lists or resources to find out which restaurants participate in the RMP, which can include Panda Express if it's eligible in your state.

  • Panda Express Official Site: While not always detailed about EBT acceptance, the Panda Express official website might have FAQs or customer service contact information where you can inquire about EBT.

  • Consult with SNAP Representatives: Your local SNAP office may have up-to-date information on Panda Express's participation in the RMP or can guide you on how to find participating restaurants.

  • Look for Signage: Some restaurants display signs indicating they accept EBT through the Restaurant Meals Program. Keep an eye out for these signs when visiting Panda Express.

  • SNAP Retailer Locator Tool: The USDA provides a SNAP Retailer Locator tool that can help identify retailers that accept EBT. While this tool is primarily used for grocery shopping, it can sometimes indicate restaurants that accept EBT through the RMP.[2]

  • Ask Around: Sometimes, local community groups or online forums can be a resource for finding out which establishments accept EBT. Other SNAP recipients may share their experiences and provide recommendations.

Items Eligible for Purchase with EBT at Panda Express

If a Panda Express location is authorized to accept EBT under a state's Restaurant Meals Program (RMP), SNAP recipients can purchase most of the hot, prepared foods available. This includes a variety of Chinese-American dishes that Panda Express is known for, such as:

  • Entrees: Items like Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, and other meat or vegetable dishes.

  • Sides: Options such as Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, and Super Greens.

  • Combos: Meals that combine multiple entrees and sides, offering a complete meal solution.

It's important to note that the eligibility of these items is contingent upon the specific rules of the RMP in the state where the Panda Express is located. Beverages, desserts, and any additional menu items might also be eligible, but it's wise to ask at the restaurant or consult state-specific SNAP guidelines for precise details.

Alternatives for Using EBT at Fast Food Restaurants

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Staying informed about local EBT policies and exploring available options ensures that SNAP recipients can maximize their benefits.

For SNAP recipients looking to utilize their EBT benefits beyond traditional grocery shopping, especially in states or locations where Panda Express or other fast food restaurants do not participate in the RMP, there are several alternatives to consider:

  • Grocery Store Prepared Foods: Many grocery stores offer prepared food sections with items not unlike what you might find at a fast food restaurant. These can include rotisserie chickens, prepared salads, sandwiches, and even hot soups or sides. These items are generally EBT eligible.

  • Participating RMP Fast Food Restaurants: In states with active RMPs, other fast food chains may participate even if Panda Express does not. It's worth exploring which local or national chains are RMP participants, offering similar convenience and variety.

  • Farmers Markets: Some farmers markets accept EBT and offer not only fresh produce but also prepared food items that can be purchased with SNAP benefits. This can be a nutritious alternative to fast food, supporting local farmers and producers.

  • Community Kitchens and Food Programs: Certain community centers, churches, or non-profits operate food programs that provide prepared meals. While these may not directly accept EBT, they often serve the same communities and can be a valuable resource for affordable or free meals.

  • DIY Meal Kits: Some EBT-eligible retailers offer meal kits that come with all the necessary ingredients and instructions to prepare a meal at home. These kits can provide a fast-food-like convenience with the satisfaction of cooking at home.

Final Words: Making the Most of Your EBT at Panda Express

In conclusion, the query "Does Panda Express take EBT?" reveals a nuanced answer. While not universally accepted at all locations, EBT can be used at certain Panda Express restaurants that participate in state-specific Restaurant Meals Programs designed for SNAP recipients who might not have the facilities to prepare meals at home. For those in states or areas where Panda Express does not accept EBT, numerous alternatives exist, from grocery store prepared foods to community kitchens, ensuring SNAP benefits offer flexibility and variety in food choices. Ultimately, by exploring these options and staying informed about local EBT policies, SNAP recipients can enjoy a broader spectrum of dining and shopping experiences.

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