How To Get Free Money For Car Repairs

    Ownership of a vehicle often involves car repairs, despite their high cost. American car owners spent $ 194.9 billion on auto maintenance and repair services in 2021. 

    Regardless of any vehicle, car owners should always bring their automobiles to the mechanic for routine maintenance and repair. However, with the average car repair costing $500 and major repairs at $1,500, not every car owner can afford it. 

    A damaged vehicle on the road can compromise the safety of its passengers and other drivers. Fortunately, there are vehicle repair assistance programs and government grants that provide free money for car repairs. Read on to learn more. 

    When Do Insurance Providers Pay For Your Car Repairs

    With the increasing number of road accidents per year, it has become a necessity for car owners to have their vehicles insured. Different insurance providers offer varying care repair coverage options, such as:

    • Collision Insurance. Following a collision, this coverage pays for repairs or replacements.
    • Comprehensive Insurance. An insurance policy that covers damages resulting from something aside from an accident, such as theft, fire, or weather damage.

    However, most car insurance providers do not offer coverage for routine repair and maintenance services, including brake pad replacements, mechanical breakdowns, engine oil changes, and tire replacements. 

    What To Do If Your Insurance Does Not Cover Auto Repairs

    If your car insurance provider offers limited coverage on car repairs, there are other ways you could obtain assistance to repair your vehicle. Below is a list of financial assistance programs that provide free money for car repairs.

    • Government assistance programs for car repairs
    • Free car repair programs administered by charities and non-profit organizations
    • Programs of churches and religious organizations
    • Online sources that offer affordable car repair services

    Financial Assistance For Free Car Repairs

    Financial Assistance For Free Car Repairs

    IHS Markit projects that by 2023, the average vehicle on American roads will be roughly 16 years old. This results in more costly auto repairs. For many people, expensive auto repairs can quickly result in a financial crisis. If you require financial assistance for auto repairs, the programs listed below can help you get your car fixed and in tip-top shape.

    For Single Mothers

    Numerous organizations recognize the difficulty of being a single mom—raising your children alone while trying to make ends meet. Hence, they provide the following programs to help with car repairs for single mothers.

    Next Level Church: This Christian charity, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers single mothers free car repair services and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer free labor for minor auto repairs and maintenance, provided that you supply the necessary replacement parts.

    Temporary Assistance For Needy Families: This state-funded program is available to pregnant low-income individuals or single mothers caring for children under 18. You may be eligible for free car repair services, childcare assistance, and job preparation aid if you qualify.

    For Low-Income Families

    Several programs are administered by the government and private organizations that provide financial assistance and car repair services to households with low gross income. 

    Working Cars For Working Families: This National Consumer Law Center initiative enables families to buy reliable used cars at reasonable prices. They collaborate with 120 charities across the country to supply affordable secondhand vehicles. Additionally, they provide low-interest car loans for families with low incomes.

    Carpenter’s Garage: Low-income families can receive discounted car repair services from this charity company in Vancouver, Washington, based on their capacity to pay.

    Vehicles For Change: Low-income households in Virginia, and Maryland, DC, can qualify for car repair assistance under this program. Vehicles for Change also offer reliable used vehicles for as cheap as $950.

    Job Access And Reverse Commute Program (JARC): This program offers free auto repairs to low-income individuals and families, including transmission adjustments, oil filter replacements, brake pad repairs, a new set of tires, and necessary electrical repairs.

    For Military Veterans

    Charities offer free car repair services and transportation assistance to military veterans as recognition for their years of service.

    Keys To Progress: They provide financially struggling veterans with free auto repairs. They also host giveaway events all around the US annually to donate high-quality secondhand cars to veterans and their families.

    Semper Fi Fund: This program provides free transportation and car repair assistance to injured veterans. They also offer free modification services for the vehicles of disabled veterans to accommodate the nature of their disability.  

    For Drivers With Disabilities

    Disabled individuals are physically unable to repair their cars or have enough money to hire a mechanic for routine maintenance. However, some associations provide free used cars and car repair assistance to disabled drivers. 

    1-800-Charity-Cars: This charity donates used vehicles to drivers with disabilities and extreme medical needs.

    Cars4Christmas: This organization provides qualified applicants—specifically those with permanent disabilities or terminal illnesses—free and reliable cars. 

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