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Choosing Your Connection: A List of Internet Providers in Houston, Texas

Written by: Dane Groves
Last updated: November 2, 2023

In the sprawling metropolis of Houston, Texas, staying connected has never been more essential. As the city grows, so does its digital infrastructure, offering residents a myriad of choices for their internet needs. Whether you're a student with online classes, a business professional with virtual meetings, or simply a family in search of affordable, reliable connectivity, Houston has an internet service provider (ISP) tailored to your needs.

In this guide, we'll navigate the top-rated internet providers in Houston, Texas, making your journey to find the ideal connection a breeze. By understanding their services, prices, coverage, and more, you can choose the best ISP for your home!

Overview of Leading Internet Providers in Houston, Texas

In Houston, a plethora of high-speed internet options await residents. From major telecommunications companies to local broadband choices, you will never run out of options. Let’s take a closer look at the leading ISPs in Houston:

AT&T Fiber




Verizon 5G Home Internet


Astound Broadband


1. AT&T Fiber

While AT&T's internet services are widespread, the availability of their fiber-optic offerings remains somewhat patchy. In areas outside the fiber coverage, residents are often limited to AT&T's DSL offering. Eligible Houston residents can take advantage of AT&T Lifeline Program to get monthly discounts on their bills.


A closer look at Houston's map reveals scattered fiber-optic coverage in several neighborhoods, such as Hyde Park, Jacinto City, Northside Village, South Houston, and Spring Branch.

Plans and Services

If you're lucky enough to be in an AT&T Fiber zone, there are five-speed tiers available - 300Mbps, 500Mbps, 1,000Mbps, 2,000Mbps, and 5,000Mbps, with prices ranging from $55 to $250 monthly.

Perks and Terms

AT&T Fiber stands out with its consistent upload and download speeds across all plans, zero data restrictions, lack of binding contracts, and no charges for equipment rentals.

2. Xfinity

Comcast's Xfinity broadband service is a dominant presence in the Houston metro. This widespread availability is a boon for those relocating within the city, enabling an easy service transfer rather than navigating the complexities of establishing a connection with a new ISP. 


Data from the Federal Communications Commission's National Broadband Map indicates that a whopping 89% of Houston's populace can avail themselves of Xfinity's internet offerings. 

Plans and Services

Xfinity provides a diverse range of packages to cater to varied consumer needs. Whether you're budget-conscious and opt for the 75Mbps plan at $20 monthly, or you're after blazing speeds with the Gigabit X2 offering at 2,000Mbps for $120 per month, there's something for everyone. 

It's worth noting that while the Gigabit X2 is accessible to the majority of Xfinity customers, the ultra-fast Gigabit Pro, boasting speeds up to 10,000Mbps, is reserved for a more select group. Discover how to enroll for the Xfinity ACP to get discounts on your plans.

Perks and Terms

Despite its strengths, Xfinity does have limitations, particularly when compared to local fiber providers like AT&T, Brightspeed, and Tachus. Its cable-based nature means it cannot provide the same upload and download speeds as fiber competitors. Consequently, upload speeds for most plans hover between 10 to 35Mbps.

3. Verizon 5G Home Internet

Verizon is promoting its 5G internet service, creating significant buzz with the launch of its C-band frequency for the Ultra Wideband network in Houston. This initiative underscores Verizon's ambitions to offer nationwide broadband that transcends the reach of its acclaimed fiber service, Verizon Fios. Through the Verizon Forward Program, eligible households can get monthly discounts.


The Verizon 5G coverage map displays extensive Ultra Wideband availability. However, it's essential for potential users to verify their specific address on Verizon's website to ascertain if the 5G Home Internet service is accessible. As per the FCC's data, around one-third of Houston's residents can tap into Verizon's 5G Home Internet.

Plans and Services

Verizon presents two packages for this service. The Verizon 5G Home Internet comes at $50 monthly, offering download speeds ranging from 50-300Mbps. In contrast, the Verizon 5G Home Plus Internet is priced at $70 per month, boasting download speeds between 85-1,000Mbps.

Perks and Terms

Verizon's service is enticingly user-centric, marked by a lack of contractual bindings, hidden charges, and an array of benefits. These include a potential credit of up to $500 for early termination fees (ideal for those transitioning from another contract), price assurances, and a 30-day guarantee for complete satisfaction.

4. Astound Broadband

Renowned in the region as Grande, Astound Broadband emerges as one of the prominent internet providers in Houston, Texas, boasting highly competitive introductory rates.


Astound Broadband has a notable presence in Houston, offering services to a significant portion of the city's residents.

Plans and Services

Astound's entry-level 300Mbps plan is attractively priced at $25 per month, translating to a cost-efficient 8 cents per Mbps. In comparison, Xfinity's more economical offering of $20 per month only provides 75Mbps, resulting in a higher cost of 27 cents per Mbps. Notably, Astound's 1.2Gbps plan, priced at $60 monthly, claims the title of the city's most affordable high-speed package.


Despite its initial allure, Astound's pricing structure presents a caveat. The company's post-promotional rate card for Houston discloses a marked hike in costs. For instance, the 300Mbps plan surges to $84 monthly once the promotional period concludes. The 1.2Gbps plan, while starting at an enticing $50 monthly, escalates to $94 after the promotion. Potential subscribers should remain vigilant of such drastic price shifts.

5. T-Mobile

Utilizing its 5G and 4G LTE networks, T-Mobile offers its fixed wireless home internet service, extending its digital reach across the nation. With its wide coverage and availability, T-Mobile is one of the top-rated internet providers in Houston, Texas.


With a commitment to broad accessibility, T-Mobile's home internet service blankets over 50 million households across the US. Impressively, around 81% of Houston's residents fall within this service umbrella. However, the availability can be nuanced; for instance, despite having T-Mobile coverage service, some users, including me, find themselves outside the home internet service radius. 

Plans and Services

T-Mobile's home internet package stands out for its comprehensive inclusivity. Priced at $50 per month, the package not only covers the primary internet service but also wraps up installation costs, taxes, and equipment rentals. This transparent pricing, devoid of hidden charges, can make budgeting straightforward for customers.

Perks and Terms

T-Mobile champions user-friendly policies, making their service even more appealing. The provider ensures that users are not confined by data limits, guaranteeing unrestricted browsing, streaming, and downloading. Furthermore, the absence of binding contracts adds a layer of flexibility, allowing customers to maintain or change their service without financial penalties.

6. Brightspeed

While drawing certain parallels with industry giant AT&T, Brightspeed carves its niche with a more selective geographical footprint in the Houston area.


The coverage and quality of service hinge heavily on specific locations. A thorough location-based inquiry is pivotal, as the service type varies: you could be in a zone dominated by DSL service, which offers modest speeds that can dip to 20Mbps.

Plans and Services

Brightspeed's offerings span a spectrum from DSL to fiber. While DSL might be a budget-friendly option, it tends to provide slower internet speeds. On the other hand, their fiber product, prominently available in areas like Kingwood, is an upgrade in both speed and reliability, although it may come at a higher price point.

7. Frontier

Frontier is one of the leading internet providers in Houston, Texas. Here are the following services and plans offered by Frontier:


Though you might be hard-pressed to find Frontier gracing Houston's bustling downtown areas, its presence is notable in the peripheries. Frontier’s DSL and fiber-optic services are accessible in the northeastern outskirts, notably in locations like Baytown, Beach City, Cove, and Crosby. Venturing southwards in the metropolitan grid, its services extend to League City and Sante Fe.

Plans and Services

Frontier’s offerings boast a diverse palette. Its prime attraction, the Frontier Fiber, presents a suite of symmetrical plans. Users can select from 500Mbps, 1Gbps, 2Gbps, or the stellar 5Gbps speeds, with monthly rates oscillating between $50 and $155. Given these options and the speeds on offer, it's easy to see why many find Frontier Fiber alluring.

8. Tachus

Founded in 2018, Tachus swiftly made its mark as a community-centric ISP with its dedicated efforts to construct exhaustive fiber-to-the-home networks in the vast expanse of the Houston metropolitan area. 


With an impressive outreach, it now caters to over 50,000 homes, spanning areas such as Atascocita, Conroe, East Montgomery County, Kingwood, Magnolia, Oak Ridge County North, and The Woodlands.

Plans and Services

Delving into Tachus's service slate, customers are presented with three meticulously designed Tachus fiber plans. These plans, curated for varying user needs, come with speeds of 300Mbps, 600Mbps, and a whopping 1Gbps. The monthly price tags accompanying these offerings hover between $65 and $90, ensuring that high-speed connectivity doesn't necessarily come with a high cost.

Perks and Terms

Tachus is not just about speed; it champions transparency and customer convenience. Subscribers can relish the absence of data caps and contractual bindings. Furthermore, while a modem rental nestles within the stipulated monthly fee, clients need to bring their router to the table. If not, they have the option to lease one from Tachus for a nominal $6 each month.

Ranking Internet Providers in Houston, Texas: Which ISP is the Best?

Comcast's Xfinity dominates the Houston landscape with its expansive cable internet coverage. However, should you find an opportunity to connect with a fiber provider like AT&T Fiber, Brightspeed Fiber, Consolidated Communications, Frontier Fiber, or Tachus, it would be prudent to seal the deal immediately.

Notably, Xfinity presents one of the most budget-friendly options in Houston. Their "Connect" plan, boasting 75Mbps speeds, is priced at a promotional rate of $20 for the initial two years, post which it hikes to $50 monthly. Its presence is profound not just within Houston's heart but also in its suburbs.

Discover How to Save on Your Monthly Bills

As the digital age continues to advance, Houston stands as a testament to how cities can offer a blend of speed, coverage, and affordability to their residents. Whether you're seeking the ultra-fast speeds of fiber connections or the affordability of promotional plans, internet providers in Houston, Texas, can match your needs!

Want to save on your monthly bills? Discover how the Affordable Connectivity Program can slash your internet costs. Don't let high prices disconnect you. Take action now and ensure seamless, affordable connectivity for your home!

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