When Should You Hire an Insurance Litigation Lawyer?

    An insurance policy is expected to provide us with guaranteed coverage during the crisis period. However, we need to know that insurance companies are always looking for ways to obfuscate, lie, deny the claim, save money, and cut the compensation amount, which complicates the insurance-claiming process.

    Even though solving the dispute with the insurer on your own may seem like a cost-effective and wise solution, you should remember that insurance companies have been in the business for several years, so they know how to play the blame game to ensure that they win. Thus, hiring an insurance litigation lawyer will save you time, energy, and money. To help you better understand, we have compiled a list of four scenarios in which insurance litigation lawyers can assist you.

    When the Insurer Denies Your Claim  

    When you file an insurance claim, there is always a chance that the insurer might deny it without giving an explanation. This can add to your stress, leaving you in a pothole of failures and doubts. If you submit all the relevant proof and fulfill the requirements, the insurance company is legally directed to act in good faith and help you with the claim. An insurance litigation lawyer will not only back you up on the complex or expensive claim but ensure that the payout is fair and correct.   

    In Case of Delayed Payments 

    Most insurance claims are related to theft, burglary, hail and wind damage, fire, customer slips and falls, and product liability. If you have been in any of these situations, you must file an insurance claim to be covered for the damages. When you signed up for the policy, the insurer informed you about a timeframe to get the claim. 

    So, if the insurer delays the payment, you have the right to sue them. Hire an insurance litigation lawyer to contact the insurance company to put pressure on the company so they can work fast and give you the claim.  

    In Case of Unexpected Cut Off 

    Did you file for an insurance claim only to know that the policy was unexpectedly terminated? Contact your insurance litigation lawyer to resolve the conflict. Otherwise, you might end up paying for the loss out of your pocket. 

    Remember that it is illegal and unethical for the insurer to terminate your policy without any warning, especially if they canceled it right after you filed for a claim. The insurance litigation lawyer will talk to the insurer to determine why the claim was terminated and resolve the issue. 

    When the Insurance Company Sends Over Their Attorney

    If the insurance company notifies you that they are sending over an attorney, don’t hesitate to hire an insurance litigation lawyer immediately. Because the insurer might try to build a case against your claim, it is advised never to speak to the insurer’s attorney without your lawyer. The attorney might try to force you to go on record, increasing the chances of you either invalidating your claim or incriminating yourself without even realizing it. On the flip side, the insurance litigation lawyer will know your best interest and will use your statements to counter the insurer’s attorney. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Whether you are seeking any employment benefits or otherwise, you may have been injured at work; it is never too early to file an insurance claim. However, filing an insurance claim can be a daunting task. Therefore, hiring a reliable and experienced insurance litigation lawyer is advised to help you with the process. The insurance litigation lawyer will study your case and create a plan according to your needs, ensuring you get the deserved insurance amount as soon as possible.