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How Can You Legally Deal with an Aggressive Bike Rider?

Written by: Dane Groves
Last updated: November 2, 2023

Rash driving is a serious offense. Some people resort to reckless driving for obvious reasons while putting the lives of innocent pedestrians at stake. Every person who rides a bike or drives a vehicle needs to maintain the utmost degree of composure and caution while they are on the streets. 

Sometimes, people who drive vehicles often lose their cool because of road obstructions, personal problems at home, and issues relating to DUI. If you have recently suffered any such problem, get in touch with a law firm for help.    

Even a slight mistake on the part of a driver can lead to serious consequences. The recent spurt of accident cases involving pedestrians and motorists has stirred a row about careless driving.     

What Leads To Such An Accident?

There are several reasons behind the deadly clash between motorcycles and pedestrians. Here are some of the reasons behind these cases:

  • The person riding the motorcycle is of unsound mind
  • Sudden hurry to reach the destination
  • Any recent verbal spat between that motorist and the pedestrian
  • The motorcycle rider doesn’t know how to drive properly
  • A teenager rides the two-wheeler without following traffic rules
  • The rider has irritable mood syndrome
  • Not following traffic rules and guidelines

What Should You Do Next?

If you or your loved one has recently faced such an accident involving a careless motorcycle rider, take a proactive step. Even if the nature of your injury was minor, you still need to drag the culprit to court. 

Take help from a lawyer to make the person accountable for their mistake. A personal injury attorney will not only successfully fight your case but also help you get maximum compensation for the injuries sustained by you. 

Tips to Handle Aggressive Motorists on the Street

  • Don’t enter into any argument with an angry motorist following an accident 
  • You need to stay cool and relaxed all the time
  • Don’t respond to their taunts or slang
  • You need not stay in front of that person for long
  • Never try to teach them a lesson by using any tactic

Most importantly, if you meet an aggressive rider, you need to simply walk away from them. You need not talk or engage in any conversation with them. However, you shouldn’t forget the motorbike license number. 

Accidents are imminent and can happen to anyone. However, pedestrians need to stay cautious of aggressive drivers. Whether a person is driving their car too fast or a motorcycle rider engages in rash riding, you should be careful.  

In Conclusion 

If you are a victim, take the help of a personal injury lawyer. A supportive lawyer will help you receive maximum compensation for any economic loss or personal injury sustained by you. 

Before hiring your attorney, make sure the person is well-experienced and reputed in your locality. The attorney who you hire must have a proven track record of successfully fighting for your clients. You must reach out to a law firm for legal help and assistance.   

Dane Groves
Dane Groves is the senior writer of Gov Relations. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from National University. During Dane’s whole five years with the company, he has helped train and guide new writers. Dane works closely with Dulcie to ensure that new writers are able to produce content that is of high quality and engaging, relevant, and informative to readers.
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