When a child causes damage to someone’s property, their parent may have to pay for the damages. Parents are responsible even if they weren’t present at the time of injury because kids can cause trouble without adult supervision no matter how hard you try and keep them occupied!

Kids causing havoc is not surprising when parents aren’t around; it shouldn’t come as any surprise that adults will be held accountable for childrens’ actions regardless of whether or not they were there during an incident.

When are Parents Liable?

Under Alabama’s Parental Responsibility Act, parents are legally liable for up to $1,000 in property damage caused by their child. This includes legal fees and court costs. Parents can be responsible if the child lives with them or is under their care or control at the time of an incident. The law applies until a child turns 18 years old; it does not apply to foster families nor children who live elsewhere from one parent but have visitation rights with another parent during certain periods throughout the year (e.g., summer break).

Actions Covered under Alabama’s Parental Responsibility Act

The law holds a parent or guardian responsible for their minor child’s willful, malicious, and intentional actions. This would cover both real properties such as homes and businesses along with personal property like cars, computers, etc.

Parents are not liable for damages caused by their child’s negligent acts. For example, if a minor causes damage due to careless driving or vandalism, the parents would not be responsible. However, intentional and deliberate property destruction might apply in certain cases where parental liability is applicable.

Can Damages be Granted Beyond the $1,000 Limit?

Yes, if property owners can prove that the parents failed to take reasonable actions commensurate with their age and maturity level in order to prevent destructive tendencies. If this is the case then they can be liable for all of it, including damages and repairs, which could exceed $1,000 without a limit on liability.

If a parent is held responsible for their child’s actions and the court orders them to pay damages, they might not be able to cover it all. In this case, the property owner can request further compensation through insurance coverage.


Who is responsible for the damages caused by the minor?

If the minor is not insured and they are at fault in an accident, most states will hold their parents responsible for damages up to $25,000.

If children cause damage, are parents responsible for it?

Parents are responsible for all willful or malicious property damage done by their children in every state, which is called civil parental liability. This means that parents must compensate the party harmed by their child’s actions and not face criminal charges.

Can I sue on behalf of my child?

Minor injuries are typically brought to an injured party in two parts. However, because minors cannot sue themselves, another person can act as their representative and bring those claims against the injuring party on their behalf.

Are our parents held accountable for child’s actions?

In California, parents can be liable for any “willful misconduct causing injury, death or property damage” by a minor under the age of 18. Parents may also be liable for damages resulting from a child’s negligent acts while operating an automobile with their permission.

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