Is It Possible To Get A Free iPhone 8 Government Phone?

    When it comes to dream phones, the most popular choice you’ll hear from people is the Apple iPhone. iPhones are not seen as mobile devices since they are also status symbols for many. However, the bitter truth is that iPhones are expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

    But did you know that government cell phone assistance programs help low-income individuals and families to have their own iPhone 8 for free? Continue reading to learn more about the free iPhone 8 government phone benefit.

    Are There Free iPhone 8 Government Phone Programs?

    Free iPhone 8 Government Phone Programs

    The U.S. government acknowledges how technology has changed people’s lives. Though smartphones can be quite a financial investment, they are necessary to live comfortably. For instance, the iPhone 8 helps people communicate with their loved ones, shop for food and other needs, pay bills, attend classes, receive healthcare, stay entertained, and more.

    To support households who don’t have access to a smartphone service, the government, with the help of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), launched the Lifeline program and the Affordable Connectivity Program, formerly known as the Emergency Broadband Benefit or EBB program. 

    The Lifeline Program

    The Lifeline Program was launched in 1985, and since then, it’s been helping low-income individuals to get a discount on a mobile phone plan and access a free mobile device. To participate in this program, an individual must earn an income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or receive benefits from federal programs like Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Public Housing, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and other Tribal programs.

    The Affordable Connectivity Program

    The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is designed to help households pay for broadband services and internet-connected devices like laptops and tablets. The eligibility for this program looks at the income a household receives, which must be below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line. It also considers households with participation in the SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, Pell Grant, Lifeline, and similar programs.

    Whether applying for ACP or Lifeline assistance, you should ensure that you can meet the requirements, especially with the documents. For instance, prepare identification documents with your name and address, like government IDs. It would be best if you were also prepared to report your household income with a paycheck stub or income statement. 

    How To Apply And Get A Free iPhone 8 From The Government?

    How To Apply And Get A Free iPhone 8 From The Government

    Lifeline and ACP are government programs that offer free cell phones and discounts on mobile plans. However, you should ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and have the documentation to back it up.

    To start your Lifeline application process, you should head to the National Verifier Application System to have your documents verified. The system, through the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) management, also allows recertification for former recipients of this government assistance program who want to extend their benefits.

    Then, you can use the database on this website to locate the Lifeline program service provider in your area. Once you’ve found a phone service provider of your choice, you can discuss the models available for you, as well as the talk, text, and 4G or 5G data plans available.

    When it comes to ACP, you can bundle your Lifeline with it and receive more benefits. All you have to do is to contact the provider of your cell phone plan and discuss the possibility of bundling the two programs.

    In the case that you don’t have Lifeline, you can fill out an online application, mail in an application, or contact an ACP-affiliated internet company.

    What Companies Offer Free iPhone 8 On Their Lifeline or ACP Programs?

    If you want to be a part of Lifeline or ACP but are particular about receiving an iPhone 8, here are the cell phone companies you should consider contacting:

    Access Wireless

    Access Wireless offers nine different iPhone models, including the iPhone 8. You can apply for their Lifeline program if you are from Arkansas, Missouri, Maryland, and Oklahoma. In their Lifeline plan, you can get 1,000 minutes and unlimited text with 50 MB of data, free domestic long-distance calls, nationwide coverage, and a wireless rewards program.

    Cintex Wireless

    At Cintex Wireless, customers from Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, or West Virginia can get access to free iPhone 8 government phones or similar models. The company offers 250 talk and text minutes in this plan, but they provide top-up options if you want more talk and text credits.

    The Bottom Line

    Even if you have limited resources, you can still gain access to a free smartphone, phone service, and internet connection. Through Lifeline and ACP, a free iPhone 8 government phone is now within reach for low-income people. Check out their websites or contact your local mobile phone provider to begin an application.

    If you want to learn more about the different ways to get a free iPhone in 2023, check out our guide at Gov Relations today!