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Car Assistance Programs In 2024

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Cars have come a long way since their invention in 1886. Originally powered by an internal combustion engine and only having three wheels, today's vehicles are now sophisticated and multi-functional. 

They are designed with lighter and more durable aluminum parts. The latest models have advanced suspension systems, heated seats, GPS, cruise control, and digital dashboard displays. However, there is also a higher cost associated with repairing modern vehicles.

In March, vehicle repair costs increased by 4.9%, more than twice the average from 2016 to 2019. On the other hand, car replacement parts saw a 7.4% increase from last year. As a result, many car owners had difficulty getting their vehicles repaired. 

Luckily, there are car repair grants for unexpected car problems. If your vehicle is beyond repair, we recommend checking out the different car assistance programs below. 

Factors That Make Car Repairs Expensive

The recent surge in auto repair costs is due to several factors. You should know why auto repair costs much before you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance and repairs.

More Advanced Computer Systems

Modern car engines have become more complex and sophisticated with recent tech upgrades. The engine and other automotive systems now integrate advanced computer systems to increase fuel efficiency and performance. For instance, computer systems ensure that only the vehicle's owner can start it by matching the start button to the key fob.

Specialized instruments and diagnostic systems are needed to identify and repair computer system issues in modern vehicles. This bumps the price of auto repairs by up to $500. 

Aluminum Parts

Several car manufacturers are looking at using aluminum as a primary construction material to make their vehicles lighter. The performance, speed, and maneuverability of aluminum-built vehicles are enhanced.

Additionally, a lighter weight decreases a car's fuel consumption. The engine uses less fuel since it does not have to exert as much force when the weight is lower. 

Although employing aluminum has many advantages, it also has certain disadvantages, chief among which is the expense. Manufacturing aluminum automotive parts are extremely difficult and more costly than traditional iron or steel.


It is not just real estate that is priced according to location. You can receive much higher auto repair bills depending on your residence.

According to a survey that compared the average cost of single auto repairs by state, New Jersey car owners paid the most for car repairs. The average repair cost for drivers in that state was approximately $392.99. California, Maryland, North Carolina, and The District of Columbia made up the top five most expensive states to get a car fixed. On the other hand, West Virginia, Delaware, Iowa, and Vermont had the lowest average auto repair costs. 

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Car Assistance Programs For You

Car Assistance Programs For You

Low-income families, individuals, veterans, single mothers, and people with disabilities may be eligible to receive auto repair grants and car assistance programs. The primary objective of such projects is to provide temporary assistance for unexpected car repairs or donate secondhand vehicles to those who need a vehicle to earn a living wage.

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Government Car Voucher Program

This program offers vouchers to help with the overall cost of purchasing a secondhand vehicle; it does not give away cars completely.

Applicants are screened based on their annual household income, family situation, financial capabilities, and employment status. Qualified individuals and families are provided vouchers that can be used for auto repairs or vehicle purchases. The amount provided is between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on your classification. 

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program

The mission of the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program is to make clean and eco-friendly vehicles more affordable and accessible to the general public. Participating in this initiative will allow people to contribute to the country's efforts to strengthen the economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving public health.

To fulfill its mission, Clean Vehicle Assistance Program provides eligible residents of California with affordable financing, car loans, and grants to help them lease or purchase electric or hybrid cars.

Remember that grants are only reimbursed for eligible applicants once all program conditions are satisfied. You must also obtain an approval packet before buying the car and follow all program guidelines for the program duration to be eligible for the grant.

Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance Program

In addition to providing free car repair services, the Salvation Army also provides transportation assistance. Qualified applicants may apply for repair assistance in the event of unexpected car problems or accidents. 

Through this program, you can also receive up to $250 in maintenance vouchers, free car repairs for minor car issues, and discounts on major repairs. The Salvation Army offers other assistance services, including free bus cards, public transport vouchers, and affordable rental cars.

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