What To Know About The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance

    The expenses of owning a car continue beyond the downpayment, monthly amortizations, and topping it up with gas. Car ownership also entails routine maintenance and the occasional repair if any issue arises. 

    However, unexpected car problems do not come cheap. Over the past decade, the cost of having vehicles fixed increased significantly. The average cost for minor car repairs can come to $500, while the major ones can cost you at least $1,500. 

    This is a steep price for anyone, especially families and individuals within the low-income threshold. The Salvation Army car repair assistance program is perfect if you require financial assistance. Check out the article below to learn more about this program.

    History Of The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army is a global Christian humanitarian and religious movement. The organization was active in over 130 countries and several underserved communities at the start of the 21st century. 

    Its members preach the gospel and run thousands of schools, hospitals, evangelic centers, and temporary housing shelters. London serves as its global headquarters.

    William Booth, a Methodist clergyman who started an evangelistic ministry in London’s East End in 1865, founded the Salvation Army. He constructed mission stations across the United Kingdom to house and fed the needy. In 1878, he changed the name of his organization to the Salvation Army. 

    Currently, the Salvation Army is providing humanitarian services and outreach programs across several countries. They help individuals achieve long-term self-sufficiency while providing short-term emergency support. They are now considered the largest and leading provider of social services globally.

    Salvation Army Transportation Assistance And Car Repair Services

    Salvation Army Transportation Assistance And Car Repair Services

    One of the well-known humanitarian services the Salvation Army provides is its transportation assistance and free car repair services. In case of unexpected car problems or accidents, qualified applicants may apply for repair assistance. The Salvation Army provides:

    • Maintenance vouchers of up to $250.
    • Free car repairs for minor problems.
    • Discounted prices for major car issues. 

    With the help of several auto repair shops and volunteer mechanics, you won’t have to travel far to get your car fixed. Bring it to the nearest Pit Stop auto repair shop to begin with the repairs. While your vehicle is getting fixed, you may also avail of the Salvation Army’s other transportation assistance benefits, such as:

    • Low-cost rental cars
    • Free bus cards
    • Public transit vouchers
    • Gasoline money

    If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident and is considered “beyond” repair, you may try applying for the Car Donation program of the Salvation Army instead. You will receive free used cars from Salvation Army’s partner charities and non-profit organizations if you qualify.  

    Other Benefits Provided By The Salvation Army

    People can be victims of unexpected disasters or accidents regardless of religion, social status, or financial situation. This may come in the form of a sudden job loss, an unanticipated car breakdown or medical bill, domestic violence, the death of a loved one, or a natural calamity. 

    The Salvation Army’s primary mission is to assist those affected by such unforeseen disasters. They provide the following assistance services and benefits to qualified applicants.

    Rent, Utility, And Electric Bill Assistance

    Low-income families in danger of being evicted or those unable to pay off their electric and water bills may avail of financial assistance from the Salvation Army. Through its partnership with specific energy companies and non-profit organizations, the Salvation Army can provide temporary energy assistance and utility vouchers to qualified households.

    Emergency Rental And Mortgage Assistance 

    The Salvation Army provides emergency mortgage and rent relief to help financially struggling families not get evicted or lose their homes. For instance, in some areas, the organization refers qualified applicants to local housing agencies that offer free housing or affordable rent. The Salvation Army also offers free legal assistance to help prevent forced evictions. 

    Hotel Voucher, Transitional Housing, And Shelter For The Homeless

    Individuals recently evicted, experienced domestic abuse, or had their homes destroyed by natural calamities may be eligible for this program. Transitional Housing and Shelter for the Homeless allow displaced individuals and families to find a new home without staying on the street. Hotel vouchers also help families with kids, including pregnant teenagers and single parents, obtain temporary housing at an affordable cost. 

    Meal Assistance And Free Food

    Local Salvation Army mission centers usually have food pantries and shelves that provide free meals, canned goods, groceries, and edible items to those in need. They also coordinate with logistic companies within the area to deliver meal assistance and free food to individuals who can’t go to the mission centers, such as senior citizens and disabled persons. Soup, coffee, bread, and hot meals are also provided by the Salvation Army year-round. 

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